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Generator Defense: Generator Defense is a new multiplayer mode that focuses on the intent to stop the opposing team [elites first] from destroying your generator. Elites will almost always choose the loadout stalker for this game-type so they can pick off Spartans guarding their generator, then wait patiently [while getting in a few knocks at the generator] for reinforcements to wander in their killing zone.This mode currently pits 3 player Spartans versus 3 player elites. Each team has a different objective – the elites must destroy the generator while the Spartans must defend it. The objective switches every five minutes – for three rounds – so that each side can experience both the defensive and offensive roles. The map, overlook, has quite a few power weapons that players will be racing for at the beginning of the match. Elites have superior speed and camouflage but Spartans have the ability to “lock-down” the generator. This lock-down causes the generator to be invulnerable from enemy attack for a maximum of 30 seconds.The Generator is then vulnerable if you don't lock it down every 30 seconds. There are three generators you have to defend, called Charlie and Bravo. Basically, this is a game of camping[for defenders] and stealth and smarts by the offense to clear out any defenders so they can destroy the generator. This Game-type is one of my favorites, a spin-off of One flag.This is a 3vs 3 Elite Vs Spartans Game-type Always.

Here's An Awesome Video Showing Defense [Spartans] From Elite Attackers:

Players on either team must complete varying objects in what are called “Tiers”. As these tiered battles unlock new vehicles and load-outs will become available for each side. One of the objective types showed in the included the control of points, however, it is speculated that these objectives will change over the course of the game. When players die in Invasion they will spawn close to their “battle buddie” similar to the respawn system in Multiplayer Co-op.You're objective on offense is to retrieve the core  generator and bring it back to your base. For the defenders, their objective is to stop you anyway they can.The time limit per round is 4 minutes and there is two rounds There are two objectives that the offense have to complete in Invasion, destroy a core generator, and capture a generator and bring it back to their base. The main map that Invasion is played on is Boneyard which is a great map. Overall, the objectives can be a little complicated at first, but after once or twice playing them, you'll start to like it. My favorite part about invasion is that you gain rewards as you do better throughout the game on defense and offense. Especially near the end, if the offense hasn't score yet banshees, ghosts, and sniper rifles will become available so it grows more intense as the round goes on. This game-type is intense and the rewards grow on you, especially if you're dominant throughout the round. Great game-type, original, intense, and enjoyable.

Your team of six is split up into three squads of 2, which makes teamwork pretty difficult [another 3vs 3  Spartans Vs Elites Gametype]. I guess ideally everyone works together in pairs, but since everyone is partied up there isn’t much cross communication going on, and teamwork is pretty important. What’s worse is I joined a game with a party of 4 and they put us on separate teams. Seriously?Anyways, this game-type is way more clear than Invasion and it stacks up like Generator defense, only the core generator is mobile and you have to bring it back to your base before the three minutes And 40 seconds is up for each round. A bit reminiscent of one-flag, but hard to tell who your teammate are at times[no arrows]

Number of Players 16
Teams Yes (2)
Games Appeared In New To Halo_Reach
Stockpile is a variant of Capture the Flag that is being introduced by Bungie in Halo Reach.  Unlike Capture the Flag both teams do not have their own flags. Instead they will be racing to capture randomly spawning flags throughout the map and then successfully return them to their respective bases. Unlike traditional Capture the Flag, Stockpile requires players to fold the flag in the capture spot for sixty seconds. Even if an enemy player captures the flag, as long as they’re in the opposing capture spot the point will go to the opposing side. If An opponent steals flag, you can kill him then return the respective flag to it's holding place. This game-type takes speed, intelligence, and knowing the maps. My First experience with firefight was, a little confusing and boring. Definitely not one of the best game-types  and certainly for me, the worst game-type found on the beta. But who knows, maybe it'll change come the official game release.

Headhunter is a brand new multiplayer mode being introduced in Halo Reach. In this multiplayer mode players drop a “skull” upon death. The objective of this free for all mode is simple: collect skulls and return them to a pregametype takes true balls, skill, and tactics, thumbs up.

 Here's Some Awesome footage:

In Addition to these four new game-types: Stockpile, Generator Defense, Invasion, And  Headhunter Are The Two Classics: Slayer And CTFCTF Are As Same As Always: only with more versatility in being that there are 1-16 player possible with different group sizing as far as matchmaking is concerned. CTF is going to remain the Halo favorite from the transition to Halo Reach because you can always play both sides simultaneously: Offense Or Defense. Halo Reach Looks to be a huge success and if you are complaining about it being to big of a change just give it time, you'll adapt to the explosive fun come understanding the game-play modes. Halo Reach holds a lot of versatility compared to the other Halo Games which puts it a league above, not to mention the awesome vivid graphics and new deadly weapons and game-types. Here's A Few Slayer And CTF Videos: [By The Way if you kill the person who just killed you, the commentary says, "Revenge," cool right helps you control your emotions by giving you awesome soundtracks!!]

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