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Plasma Grenade

In Halo Reach Every category has something new added to it, the game has changed. The Weapons are explosive, especially the grenades, not to mention their size is equivalent to the size of a trip mine. They require more skill and concentration to get consistent kills with. They require a player to hone their skill with particular weapons and become specialized at using certain weapons. No longer is the needler an automatic kill if you shoot it in the vicinity of an enemy, the rocket launcher is less explosive, the Battle rifle turned the BMR now requires careful aiming and precision because the recoil makes it so you can't clip off a round in seconds, it's more steadier now. Despite, the shooting  speed of the BMR being reduced, it still kills with four shots[3x zoom], granted if  three rounds hit and the last goes to the head. The Magnum is now stronger and has a faster shooting frequency, making  it an apt starting weapon[has a 2x zoom ability]. The shotgun is stronger and more accurate at mid-distance combat. The sniper rifle takes up more of your screen and shoots at a slower frequency. The Spartan Laser is unchanged, except for the overhaul graphics. The assault rifle remains the starting default weapon and is more accurate and apt for close to mid-range combat.The Energy sword remains unchanged and is still restricted to 10 kills per charge. The Focus Rifle is an interesting weapon to use to say the least, apt for taking down banshees and vehicles with a non-stop beam of plasma. It is basically a sentinel beam with a scope.The Coolest weapon by far has to be the grenade launcher. It Has two firing frequencies: One where you hold the trigger and release it  and it will blow up after a few seconds; and the other where you Press and Hold the firing button  releasing  the trigger when you want it to explode!The Gravity Hammer is unchanged and Spartans Still have the ability to lunge farther with it than the Elites can. The Needle Rifle is the spin-off of the carbine in Halo 3 and it fires single shot needles that embed themselves in enemies and explode. The Plasma launcher can lock onto vehicles and can fire up to four plasma bombs depending on how long you hold it for which stick on to the enemy. A bit hard to aim, but deadly at close range. The plasma pistol can stop vehicles in their tracks like in Halo 3 and can take down an enemy's shield, no change. The Plasma Repeater is like the plasma rifle in Halo 3, only it doesn't overheat but just fire more slowly as it gets warmer. Pressing the reload button will cool it.The Rocket Launcher is a beast, like in Halo 3, and remains dominant with a different look to it.Finally, The deadly needle of Halo 3 is now takes more precision to kill with. No longer, can you jump and shoot the projectiles into your fleeing enemies backside, it takes more accurate aim that that.

Here's A video and description of all of The Weapons In Halo Reach:

Plasma Repeater
Plasma Pistol
Focus Rifle
Plasma Launcher
Needle Rifle
Energy Sword
Sniper Rifle

Spartan Laser
Rocket Launcher
Frag Grenade
Gravity Hammer

Assault Rifle

Grenade Launcher

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