Halo Reach Multiplayer And Online Overview

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Removal of Dual Wielding

It has been confirmed by several sources including N4G.com and G4 Tech TV that Halo Reach will not feature any type of Dual Wielding. Dual wielding was introduced in Halo 2and has been used by players to come up with several different combinations of weapons. One popular combination in Halo 2 and Halo 3's multiplayer was the SMG/Plasma Pistol combination. This combination allowed players to drop their opponents shields with one gun and get a near instant kill with the other. It is rumored that the multiplayer in Halo Reach captures a similar feeling to that of 2001’s Halo Ce

Multiplayer: Active Roster

The active roster was teased in the initial multiplayer trailer for Halo Reach and many outlets speculated that it could have been a persistent online match. The Active Roster is a brand new welcome screen being introduced with the Reach Beta. It allows the player to view their online friends, compare their ranks and create parties right from this central screen.

Multiplayer: Changes To The Voting System

With the Beta a new veto system will be introduced allowing players to chose one of three alternatives rather than simply turning down a single map/gameplay type. In theory this would provide players with a wider range of map/gametype combinations.

Multiplayer: The Credit System

Bungie has decided to scrap the existing Halo 3 ranking system. The experience system has been removed and replaced with a brand new “credits” system. Credits are owned in all Halo Reach according to Bungie’s official updates. Players will earn the majority of these credits from participating and winning multiplayer matches. Players spend credits on upgrading their armor and purchasing new customizations for their Spartan avatar.

Multiplayer: Loadouts and Armor Abilities

Power-ups similar to the Active Camo and Over-shield are no longer static items that players can simply pick up. Instead Bungie has devised a new “loud out” system that allows the player to chose both their starting weapon and a single power-up such as active camo, over shield and extra damage at their leisure. When players die their primary weapon will still drop but their power-up will not. These are set independently and can be changed mid-battle. The following load outs have been revealed:

Air Assault – Includes pistol, battle rifle, two frag grenades and the jetpack power up.

Operator – Includes the shotgun, pistol, 3 frag grenades the armor lock ability

It is expected that more armor load outs will be revealed before the Beta’s release on May 3rd 2010.

Multiplayer: Changes To Playlists

The playlists in Halo_Reach are no longer divided between Social and Ranked players. Instead players will be grouped together according to their true skill rank only. Players are also being given more filters to allow them to only join games with low ping, from a list of certain regions/languages or with players that match a predefined profile.This is such a relief for me, because you either would get matched up with pro players like myself, which was good gaming or get nubs that I could beat with just plasma weapons. Finally, a just system that doesn't allow addicts to get high rankled even though they're true skill fails in comparison. This is the best change to Halo That Halo Reach has brought in thus far.This will make it so gaming is always, consistently fun and exciting. It will take some of the frustration and anger out of the forums because people have nothing to complain about if the players who just "massacred'' them were their own respective skill rank. Goodbye, forums filled with hate!!

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