Spartans Vs Elites , Which One Is Best?

                                                   Elites Vs Spartans

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In Halo Reach The Gloves Of Mutual Compliance are being thrown off for good in the lingering alliance the Elites And Spartans Had after the defense against the Brutes and The Flood. Yep, It's total war and the Spartans are the last line of defense before the Covenant Reign Terror on Earth.  Just as the plot in the campaign reveals the Covenant [Elites included] are now pitted enemies against The Spartans and are coming to capture Earth. Planet Reach is the last place where the Spartans have fortified bases to defend the oncoming deadly bastards. In Halo Reach, there is no mutual respect or coherency  between the Elites and Spartans. Nope, You're either a good guy, A Spartan, Or A Bad Guy, An Elite.Pick Your Side and Choose it wisely, because each side holds their own advantages over each other.

Now, In Halo 1 when fighting the elites we all remember their superior speed, shield protection, and maneuverability. Well,  In Halo Reach They took these key components of Elites, and augmented these abilities to be exclusively available only  for Elites Once Again.The Spartans, on the other hand, have always been a fan favorite and still have superior ability over Elites in some ways, but the game has changed quite a bit. Here Are The advantages of playing As An Elite And As A Spartan:

    The Elites
    • Regular Speed is as fast as a Spartan's Sprint load-out ability
    • Camo and evade load-out option
    • Don't require health packs, Shields regenerate slowly but surely Here's A Great Video Explaining The Improvements of Elites and The Coolest option load-outs in Halo Reach:
    • Great jumping and rolling abilities
    • Better beginning abilities[the camo
    •   Stalker and Guard can be used very lethally in beginning game-play  

    The Spartans
    • Have greater length of lunge abilities [energy swords, melee, etc.]
    • have smaller surface area to shoot and heads don't stick out like Elites do
    • Look A lot Cooler!!
    • Are The Good Guys
    • Harder to headshot
    • Better looking

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