Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halo Reach Ten Times Better Than Black Ops

October 12, 2010 - This game is probably the best game i've ever played. Bungie does an excellent job with this game, they add so much, constantly update to meet most players needs, add new features, and my favorite, has probably the best anti-hack system for xbox360. A week or two ago, they reset 15,000 people's ranks and credits because they would have evrything bought and already the credit limit, and if you've played before, you know how impossible this is. The new ranking system is 10x better then Halo 3, you can now matchmake campaign on the 15th of October this update will happen, single player is probably the best campaign i've ever played, matchmaking gets better every day, and ranking up has a point to unlock new items and buy them too. This game is extraordinarily good, in a month or two, all the good custom games will come out and thus the halo experience will be complete. The graphics are phenominal for a Halo game, the sound is better then ever with the music and sound effects, Single Player is one of the best, Multiplayer makes the wrap itself up in a snuggie it's so good, Firefight Forge and Custom Games could be improved slightly but most fun custom games havent come out yet.

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