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GN's Guide to Halo Gear

We cover all the gadgets and toys you need to show your Halo pride.

September 14, 2010

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For the gaming industry, this week is easily one of the biggest of 2010. Halo: Reach, Bungie's long-awaited final chapter in the sci-fi shooter franchise, finally hits stores today. Gamers are turning out in droves to snatch up Reach and resume the fight against the Covenant one more time.

But for some Halo-philes, a simple videogame might not be enough to quench their thirst. If you live, breathe, and eat Halo, there are many more ways to spend your hard-earned cash. In this gear guide, we showcase the most interesting and unusual Halo merchandise on the marketplace. Whether you're looking for practical items like clothing or new consoles, or just want to drop a few hundred dollars on gorgeous statues, this guide has it all.

Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Bundle
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Price: $399.99
Availability: Amazon, most electronics stores

If you're completely new to the Xbox gaming scene, Microsoft has a nice starter bundle available. For $400, this bundle provides a console, a copy of Halo: Reach, and two wireless controllers. This bundle features the new Xbox 360 Slim, which has the benefit of a sleeker design, integrated wireless, and 250 GB hdd. Even gamers who already own an Xbox might be tempted by the exclusive silver color.

Gamers who don't care about owning the newest Xbox model can also hunt down the previous Halo console bundle. That bundles includes a copy of Halo 3 and a 20 GB Pro console with a green and orange color scheme inspired by Master Chief's armor.

Halo Legends
Manufacturer: Warner Home Video
Price: $14.98 (DVD), $24.98 (Blu-ray)
Availability: Major video stores

Halo fans have been waiting years for the Halo movie to hit theaters, and it seems they'll be waiting at least a few more. For the time being, Halo Legends is the closest gamers can come to experiencing the Halo universe through film. Like The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight, Halo Legends offers a collection of short movies created by various Japanese animation houses. Each segment focuses on a different section of the mythology and sports its own unique style of animation. The approach pretty much guarantees there will be something to appeal to any type of Halo fan. And if the ending is to be believed, Microsoft may eventually deliver a sequel collection.

Replica Weapons
Manufacturer: Master Replicas
Price: $30 (scaled replicas), $200 (full-size replicas)
Availability: Online collectibles stores, Amazon

If you're the type that enjoys a little real-life role-playing outside digital gaming, Master Replicas has a line of weapons just for you. Their Halo 3 prop weapons offer full-size renditions of popular Covenant weaponry like plasma rifles and energy swords. They even feature lights and sound effects. And given that Covenant warriors tend to be larger than the average ground trooper, these weapons are surprisingly large and hefty.

For those that prefer a slightly more laid back approach to stocking their armory, Master Replicas also offers a series of scale model weapons and helmets that can be displayed on the shelf. Everyone could use a few UNSC Battle Rifles to offset that lightsaber collection.

Master Chief Costume
Manufacturer: Rubie's
Price: $999.99
Availability: Official site

A quick Internet search will yield plenty of amateur and unofficial Master Chief costumes. Only one company's wares are good enough to actually be featured on Microsoft's Halo Waypoint website. Rubie's produces a high-end Mjolnir armor replica that looks plenty convincing on the party circuit. It probably won't deflect bullets, but it will impress the hardcore gamer crowd at your next Halloween party. Rubie's also has some cheaper options for sale, but we say – if you're going to suit up, you might as well go all the way.

Flash Drives
Manufacturer: Mimobot
Price: $7-31 (depending on capacity)
Availability: Official site

Flash drives are incredibly commonplace these days, and most of them are just so boring. Liven up your workspace with the cutest rendition of Master Chief you're likely to find. Mimobot has added Halo to their list of USB flash drive franchises alongside the likes of Hello Kitty and Star Wars. Gamers can grab the traditional Master Chief or blue or red Spartan variants. Capacities range from 2 to 16 GB, so even hardcore computer users should have plenty of storage to work with. Why not plug one into the Xbox to take advantage of the new USB storage support? It's certainly cheaper than buying Microsoft's official drive. 

IGN's Guide to Halo Gear

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ArtFX Statues
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Price: $50-100
Availability: Official site, Amazon, Specialty retailers

Kotobukiya is one of two companies that produced high-end statues to coincide with the release of Halo 3. Kotobukiya's pieces are focused on Master Chief himself, depicting the Spartan warrior running in the heat of battle or deploying a bubble shield. Several variants of the second statue were also produced, with Master Chief substituted by Red, Blue, and Steel Spartans. We're crossing our fingers Kotobukiya will eventually get around to tackling the Spartans of Reach too.

WETA Statues
Manufacturer: WETA
Price: $150-200
Availability: Official site

WETA also produced a line of high-end statues for Halo 3. Whereas Kotobukiya focused entirely on Master Chief, WETA expanded a bit to include other major Halo characters like The Arbiter and Cortana. These statues were also followed up with a set of scale model Spartan helmet replicas. These pieces are pretty pricey, running upwards of $200, but they're definitely worth it for discerning collectors. Given that these statues are several years old, availability isn't what it once was. Interested buyers might be best served by heading to secondary retailers like eBay.

Halo: Reach Play Arts Kai Figures
Manufacturer: Square-Enix
Price: $44.99
Availability: Official site

Square-Enix recently gained the rights to produce Halo figures. Metal Gear Solid lovers who purchased the recent Solid Snake know what to expect from this line in terms of quality and articulation. Square's Play-Arts figures pack plenty of accessories and can handle just about any pose you can conjure. The figures are pretty pricey, but this is a case where consumers definitely get what they pay for. The first series covers the characters Noble Six, Emile, and Jun. Based on Square's other Play Arts lines, fans can probably expect more waves to follow.

Halo 3 Action Figures
Manufacturer: McFarlane Toys
Price: $14.99 and up
Availability: Official site, Toys R' Us

McFarlane Toys has been producing Halo figures since the days of Halo 3, and the line is still growing strong three years later. The series has shifted focus from Master Chief to the boys of the ODST and now to the heroes and villains of Halo: Reach. McFarlane Toys has single packs, multi-packs, and vehicles from the new game. Fans of the usual McFarlane Toys crop may be surprised to find that these figures are smaller and more articulated than the norm.

McFarlane also designed the statue that comes included with the Halo: Reach. For the time being, it doesn't appear as if that statue will be sold separately.

Halo Mega Bloks
Manufacturer: Mega Brands
Price: Variable
Availability: Official site, Amazon, Toys R' Us

It doesn't matter how old you are; Legos will always be fun to play with. Sadly, Halo is a bit too adult-oriented for Lego's target audience, but there are other avenues. Mega Bloks offers cute, blocky renditions of Master Chief and friends. These aren't just figures, either. Halo fans can painstakingly assemble blocky versions of Warthogs, Banshees, and other signature Halo vehicles. 

GN's Guide to Halo Gear


Remote Control Vehicles
Manufacturer: NKOK Racing
Price: $29.99 each
Availability: Official site, Amazon

Remote control cars may be a dying breed now that Radio Shack has become a glorified cell phone store, but NKOK is keeping the fires burning with its line of Halo RC vehicles. This RC line covers many of the familiar UNSC vehicles from the games, including the Warthog and Mongoose. The toys are surprisingly accurate to the games thanks to NKOK's use of actual 3D models from the games. Most vehicles feature multiple figures and firing weapons in addition to the standard RC controls.

Halo Novels
Manufacturer: Tor Books
Price: $7.99-14.99
Availability: Major bookstores

When the original Halo: Combat Evolved was new on the gaming scene, it was Tor Books' novels that offered the first glimpses into the wider mythology of the franchise. Half a dozen volumes later, Tor's Halo books remain popular with fans. Some books, such as Halo: The Flood, summarize the events of the games. Most, like Halo: The Fall of Reach, explore the history of the conflict between humanity and the Covenant. Interested readers should check out The Fall of Reach first, which has just been revised and reprinted to coincide with the release of Halo: Reach.

Halo Comics
Manufacturer: Marvel Comics
Price: $24.99 each
Availability: Major bookstores & comic shops

In recent years, comics have been as instrumental in fleshing out the Halo universe as the novels. Since gaining the Halo license, Marvel has published three mini-series, with a fourth to debut this week. Like the novels, the comics cover various points of the war against the Covenant. For instance, Halo: Uprising stars Master Chief and is set between Halo 2 and Halo 3. Halo: Helljumper features members of the ODST, and Halo: Blood Line stars a team of Spartans in the days before the destruction of Reach. The current series, Halo: the Fall of Reach – Boot Camp, is the first of three books that will adapt Eric Nylund's novel The Fall of Reach.

Master Chief Hoodie
Manufacturer: Ecko Unlimited
Price: $39.99
Availability: Various online clothing retailers

If the previously featured $1000 Master Chief costume is a bit out of your price range, consider this piece of clothing as a viable alternative. Ecko Unlimited is known for its pricey and swanky menswear. But at $39.99, this Master Chief hoodie won't break the bank. A quick zip of the hood and you'll be every bit as mysterious and imposing as Master Chief himself. That's what you can tell yourself, at least. The more recent ODST hoodie is a bit less ostentatious and more widely available.

Halo T-Shirts
Manufacturer: Various
Price: Varies
Availability: Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, various online retailers

T-shirts remain one of the cheapest and easiest methods of broadcasting your love for a piece of pop culture. Gamers certainly have no shortage of options when it comes to Halo-branded shirts. A jaunt into major stores like Walmart and Target should yield several choices. Stores like Hot Topic may offer even more options. And if none of the official tees strike your fancy, many more shirts are available online. These often celebrate the more quirky and humorous qualities of the franchise, such as this one featuring a red Spartan tea-bagging his mortal foe. It would be offensive if it wasn't so adorable.

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