Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halo Reach Has Changed From The Beta

When you bring 3 million people into a multiplayer beta, you expect to get some good info out of it. In this case, that holds true. We already saw the beta help Bungie sort out some server issues, and convince them that they could handle the load of a Firefight Versus mode. Further, we've already seen some preliminary gameplay tweaks that came about from beta feedback.

But that was many weeks ago, and a lot has changed in Halo Reach since then. In addition to the obvious additions like new maps and new game modes, Bungie has made another round of gameplay tweaks based on feedback from the beta.

Here's a list of some of the changes. Some of them are a few weeks old, and some of them are brand spanking new.

* Increased run speed
* Increased jump height
* Grenades nerfed; smaller damage, smaller radius, smaller visual impact
* Spamming of armor lock removed
* Armor lock will no longer drain an opponents shield when they melee you
* Shield recharge time lengthened
* Encounter time increased
* Head shot characteristics of weapons altered
* Elites were overpowered; their shield recharge time has been increased.
* Invasion mode is now two rounds, one as Spartan and one as Elite

Thank god for the mitigation of the power of the grenade. Seriously, one grenade could kill you in the Beta with full shields. As for the run speed, diggs to that. In the Beta the Spartans were too slow and the Elites were like Zombies with swords flying everywhere. Overall, these changes were made to make the game more fair and more genuine of a playing experience and I think these were the right moves to make. If you haven't salvaged your copy Of Halo Reach yet do so below and receive a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card:

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