Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halo Reach Armor Effects

  You already know you'll be able to customize your Spartan. You already know you'll be able to customize your elite. Now, thanks to a recent interview with Joseph Tung, we've seen the way that elite or long-term players will be able to take this customization to a whole new, interactive level, thanks to Armor Effects.

Armor effects, which can be purchased in the Armory via a LOT of earned credits, will unlock various animations for your armor. Some examples of these are the grunt headshot party, which you can actually unlock for your own armor (so when someone shoots you in the head in a multiplayer match, your armor will spew confetti), and a lightning effect that animates on your armor.

We've got the list of the armor effects that have been revealed so far down below.

Grunt Birthday Party - 100,000 credits

When killed with a headshot in multiplayer, your head will explode in confetti.

Hearts - 200,000 credits

When you die, hearts will appear around your body.

Pestilence - 1,000,000 credits

Your armor will radiate a dark cloud of insects.

Lightning - 2,000,000 credits

Your armor will constantly radiate electricity.

This all sounds pretty cool, right? But did you check out those prices? Wow. Did anyone here consistently get more than, say, 500 credits per match during the Halo Reach Beta? At that rate you're looking at thousands of matches to unlock these things, which should keep them pretty unique.

Bungie has also said there will be more armor effects added later.

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