Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halo Reach Brings Mixed Reactions

    We all know bad things happen to the planet Reach in the upcoming game, Halo: Reach -- but we didn't know it was bad enough to warrant a worldwide memorial service. Seems counter-intuitive to use a funeral service as a celebration for a game launch, but there you have it.

The Halo: Reach Monument of Light promotion kicks off approximately 15 hours from now. By visiting the site attached to that link, users can add a point of light to a world map to create "continually regenerating sculpture composed of thousands of points of light." This light sculpture is intended to "honor" the Spartans in Halo: Reach.

If that isn't morbid enough for you, there are also three short-films from director Noam Murro intended to "capture a poignant snapshot of life on the planet Reach just before the arrival of the dreaded Covenant."

Users need to have Silverlight installed on their computer for the Monument of Light site to run properly and you'll want to turn down your speakers before the dramatic music loop starts up.

A Bungie forum member by the name of P40L0 360 recently posted what seems to be some very insightful information about Halo: Reach. You know how Bungie forums members are though.. I would take this with a huge grain of salt!

-It’s an FPS, and not a MMO or similar (and ok)
-It’s more Multiplayer/Online oriented then previous Halo, and the SP Campaign will be something “different” to what we’ve seen so far with the previous games.
-The game is under development since after Halo 3, and for more time then ODST (that is developed by a small part of the team, and it was done in 1 year and an half)
-New graphic engine!
-The multiplayer will be different/new.
-It’s the “next big Halo” for Bungie and Microsoft, same importance as an Halo 4
-It’s everything “darker” and more serious.
-150 people are working on the Project since 2007

Meet The Noble Team 1-6

Walkthrough Of The First Campaign Mission :

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