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The Confirmed Playlists Of Halo Reach Revealed

Halo Reach Starting Play-lists
  • Rumble Pit: Free For All Slayer With A Side Of Objective  
Max Party Size:8
Max Local Players:4         
    • Team Slayer: 4 On 4 Team Slayer
    Team Party Size:3-4
    Max Party Size:8
    Max Local Players:4
      • Team Objective: 4 On 4 Team Objective
      Team Size:3-4
      Max Party Size:8
      Max Local Players:4

      • Multi- Team: Slayer And Objective Games, Pitting 6 Teams of 2 Against Each Other
      Team Size: 2
      Max Party Size:12
      Max Local Players:2

          • Invasion: 6 On 6 Spartans Vs Elites Featuring Invasion And Invasion Slayer
          Team Size:6
          Max Party Size:12
          Max Local Players:4

            • Big Team Battle:8 On 8 Big Team Slayer And Objective Action
            Team Size:6-8
            Max Party Size:16
            Max Local Players:2

              • Firefight: 1 Team Of 4 Takes On The Standard Firefight Experience
              • Team Size:2-4
              Max Party size:4
              Max Local Players:2
              • Score Attack : Put Your Friends To Shame With A High Leaderboard Score In This Firefight Playlist
              Team Party Size:1
              Max Party Size:1
              Max Local Players:1

              •  Team Arena: Two Teams Of Four Square Off In The Arena Team Size 
              Team Size:4
              Max Party Size:4
              Max Local Players:2
              •  Team Doubles Arena: 2 teams of 2 put their skills to the test
              Team Size: 2
              Max Party Size: 2
              Max Local Players:2

              The astute observer may note that the pair of Arena playlists aren’t set to go live when the clock strikes midnight. In the interest of fairness, we’ve decided that the inaugural season won’t begin until 11am PDT on 09/14. If you fancy yourself the competitive type, take the extra lead time to get the lead out in some of the other playlists.

              And of course, just like our previous Xbox LIVE outings; these are merely the day one sets. We can and will change things up to keep the experience fresh. If there are a few obvious omissions that you expected to be on hand immediately, you’ll likely find them online at a later date. Launch demands we keep things nice and tight until we confirm that the initial population explosion won’t sink the whole ship in one shot.

              And while we’re on the subject of previous Halo titles and playlist updates, I should clear up a few misconceptions that I’m seeing circulating in the community regarding Halo 3.

              Contrary to my own ill-spoken words, Jeremiah informs me that our Double EXP playlists for Halo 3 aren’t going to be culled straight away (though they won’t be a permanent fixture in the Halo: Reach aftermath). We are, however, planning on cutting some fat, leaving only the succulent bits of the Halo 3 online experience behind for those opting to stick around and suck every last bit of the marrow as the majority migrates to the new hotness.

              Presently, that means Squad Battle and Basic Training are no more and that you should steel yourselves for more cuts in the weeks and months ahead. Don’t worry though; we’ll make sure we always support game types and maps required for earning your Halo 3 ‘chievos. We expect plenty of people to keep on keepin’ on and we’ll do our best to make sure the online experience remains nice and solid.

              Back on the Halo: Reach front, Sketch has a few words to offer on the security tip.
              "Dearest Fans – After years of waiting, Reach is finally nearly upon us. Some of you may even already be playing, courtesy of an eager retail store that couldn’t wait until next Tuesday. But for the vast majority of you, we still have a few official days left and you’re patiently waiting, finger on the trigger.

              Here at Bungie, we’re patiently waiting as well, but our finger is on a different trigger. Our team is standing at the ready behind the sights of our fully operational Banhammer Battlestation. We take the Reach online experience VERY seriously. Bungie has invested years of hard work creating a game that we want our fans to enjoy for years to come and we have zero tolerance for people who try and ruin that experience for others. The Xbox LIVE team also takes these matters very seriously and they too are aggressively taking action as needed. Modifying your console or the game itself is a violation of the terms of use for LIVE and Reach and will result in potentially severe penalties.

              We are already aware of a number of nefarious deeds by a very small percentage of early adopters and we have already been taking action. We expect that a few more will turn up once the population explodes on September 14th. We will be ready, watching, waiting, firing at will on people who deserve it. We have all sorts of new fancy tools at our disposal now and as we start to come up to full speed we’ll be engaging all of them. Voice bans, host bans, console bans, gamertag bans, credit bans and the automatic habitual quitter penalty are but a few of our sharply honed weapons hungering for blood.

              Please note that you may not always see immediate results. Sometimes it takes a little while, other times we elect to wait and gather data as to be 100% certain we’re not overreacting to false positive data. And still other times we may decide to escalate it to the security team at Xbox LIVE for an even greater ass-kicking. Rest assured though that Bungie is watching and we know who you are and what you’re doing.

              To all of our fans who have been such big supporters of Bungie

              (Tyson also dropped by and wanted us to inform everyone that the Credit wipe we told you about last week has been initiated and that if you've gotten a hold of a legitimate, legally obtained copy of Halo: Reach, please feel free to fire it up and play.)

               If I obtain anymore sneak peeks to Halo Reach for you fiery gamers in the few days until Halo Reach Launches I Will post it, but don't worry I won't ruin any of  the campaign story or anything else that is so delicate in Halo Reach fan's fantasies.  Instead, I will share the excitement with you and continue to feed yout the number one news surrounding Halo Reach and awesome preorder deals, tips, and sneak peeks. So, if you haven't succumbed to the awesome preorder deals then do so, because if you pick it up mid-night release you'll be whimpering in the cold while the prepared fans pitch a tent [ God Hope not that type of tent...] with their portable heaters and hand warmers. It sucks to wait in line, so either preorder yours from a retail store [Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Toys R Us, Or Target] and pick it up at the crack of midnight on September 14 or simply have it shipped to your house on the Release Date And wait for it like a kid waits for Christmas Presents Under A Christmas Tree On Christmas Eve Night.Besides, you get either an awesome $20.00 dollar gift card to your online Retailers marketplace [amazon,,,  or]
              Or You get exclusive multi-threat or Recon Armor At Gamestop, Or you get an awesome $20.00 Dollar Gift Card To Walmart, Toys R Us, Or Best Buy When you pick your preordered copy of Halo Reach Up at the store 12:00 O'clock On September 14,2010. You see, the benefits from preordering your copy form a online retailer or local retail store kills the advantages of sacrificing your gas, money, and time to be one of the people bundled up in a line on September 14. So choose the best preorder Deal below and order.

                  Bungie’s latest entry in the Halo universe, Halo: Reach, is closing in on its release date (September 14th). If you’re an Xbox 360 owner and you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet (really?), here is your chance. We’ve taken a look at the best Halo: Reach pre-order deals for both US and UK, and we’re here to give you a heads up.The Most Popular of the 2 million ordered Halo Reach Copies Are Amazon; for the fast free shipping and $20.00 Amazon gift card,; for the lowest price on the web, and Wal-Mart For it's low prices and efficiency. Here Are The Top Halo Reach Preorder Deals On The Web.

              Halo: Reach Last Minute Pre-order Deals (US and UK)
              Halo: Reach Last Minute Pre-order Deals (US and UK)

              Halo: Reach US pre-order deals

              1. Amazon is offering a $20 Video Games Credit for those who pre-order the Standard, Limited or Legendary editions of Halo: Reach. You’ll also receive access to an in-game exclusive Spartan Recon helmet.

              2.  Gamestop: If you pre-order Halo: Reach from Gamestop (Standard or Legendary Edition) you will receive an exclusive in-game UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B) Armor, designed to provide Spartans with “the most impact across all combat secenarios“. You’ll also get a token to download the in-game Spartan Recon helmet with the Visor/Blast shield and a chance to win a life-sized Halo: Reach Spartan Soldier.

              3. Best Buy: offers those who pre-order Halo: Reach (Standard, Limited or Legendary) a free $20 gift card. If you are a member of the Reward Zone Gamers Club you’ll also receive 500 Bonus Points. The same offers applies also to those who pre-order The Xbox 360 250GB Limited Edition Halo: Reach Bundle.
              Halo Reach Available For Pre-order At Best Buy

              4. offers slightly reduced prices (Standard Edition – $56.99, Limited Edition – $74.99, Legendary Edition – $139.99, Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Bundle – $399.99) and Free Shipping for those who pre-order Halo: Reach. The standard version comes with the Recon helmet with the Visor/Blast Shield.

              Lowest Prices And Fast Shipping on Halo Reach


               . 5. offers Halo: Reach Standard Edition at $49.99 and the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundle with a 1-Year Xbox Live Subscription for just $399.99 (you save $50). Unfortunately the Halo: Reach Limited and Legendary editions are sold-out at Dell.

              6. Wallmart: If you pre-order the Standard, Limited or Legendary editions of Halo: Reach at WallMart you will receive a $20 Wallmart eGift Card. The offer also includes the downloadable Spartan Recon helmet.

              Download Your Favorite Music For Less @ Walmart MP3 Music Downloads
              Halo Reach Available Here
              7. Toys R Us offers free shipping and the Spartan Recon Helmet with the Visor/Blast Shield if you pre-order the Standard, Limited or Legendary Editions of the game.

              8. Microsoft Store- Preorder Halo Reach from the Microsoft Store And Receive Halo Reach On Release Day, September 14! Yes, this is the fastest shipping on the web  for Halo reach,  so get yours before anybody else.
              Microsoft Store
              Halo Reach Launches In Just Two Days!!

              Halo: Reach UK pre-order deals

              1. You can pre-order Halo: Reach at at reduced prices (Standard – £36.99, Limited – £49.70 and Legendary – £169.99) and you’ll also receive the downloadable Spartan Recon Helmet.
              2. Zavvi offers Halo: Reach at the following prices: Standard Ed – £35.95, Limited Ed – £49.70 and Legendary Ed – £98.95 (Sold Out for now). Halo: reach Standard Edition comes with the Bonus Spartan Recon Helmet while the Limited Edition brings the multiplayer only Bonus Elite Armour Set. Zavvi offers free UK delivery on all orders.
              3. Game has slashed the prices for Halo: Reach Standard Edition (£39.99) and the Limited one (£54.99). All pre-orders will come with the downloadable Spartan Recon Helmet and the UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B) Armor.
              4. offers free delivery and 800 Microsoft Xbox Live Points if you pre-order Halo: Reach Standard Edition (£37.99) or the Limited Edition (£54.99). Those free Microsoft points will sure come handy when Bungie will start releasing Halo: Reach DLCs.
              If we happen to stumble on another pre-order deal worth mentioning we will update this article.
              After you’ve placed your order you might want to check the Extended version of the Halo: Reach – Deliver Hope Trailer, a leaked Halo: Reach Campaign Gameplay Video, the Noble Team in Action or the A Spartan Will Rise Trailer.

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