Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Highlights Of Halo Reach

 Halo Reach Feature Weapon: Grenade Launcher

So we await the two grueling weeks left to the release of Halo Reach on S[September 14, 2010. Now, let's review so of the components that make Halo Reach the most anticipated game of 2010,  and so anxiously awaited.

  1.  Halo Reach presents you with the starting choice of every game a selection of which load out and starting weapon combination you want to have. As you grow as an Elite or Spartan in Credits, then better combination of load-outs and weapons will come available.
  2. Th4e Ranking and Matchmaking Processes are fair and can be personalized to find certain types of players or your personal roster. You can name yourself a team player, Sniper, Br Marksman, or any other kind of player and be matched up with your own classification only and certainly with only your same skill level. Not like in Halo 3 when you were ranked up aimlessly with  either nubs or generals, this time around Bungie finally made a fair credit system of ranking that factors in many different elements to determine your skill and classification.
  3. Slayer has been raised to new levels. 
  4. now, that you can build upon whither  your Spartan or Elite, matchmaking is seamlessly intertwined with campaign play [you can party up with somebody in campaign form matchmaking] which makes killing and slaying all the more intense, personal, and gratifying. Also, in addition Slayer has a new twin, Invasion. Invasion features slayer  type elements only you have to capture and complete certain objectives so killing is the base , also there is so many decisions and cool explosive vehicles and new weapons to be encountered and mastered in Ha,o Reach.
  5. There is so much versatility in Halo Reach that it will never die out. You can choose Arena play where you compete to prove your skill, rank, and division. There are four types of ranks: Steel, Silver, Gold, and Onyx. It's up to you, while playing that type of ranked matchplay, to determine where you fall bases upon killing percentages, K:D Ratio, and other gamer statistics. There are now looking to be three types of matchmaking types: Ranked, Arena, and Social. If social is indeed included, that would be a whole new discussion, but as of now, only Ranked and Arena have been confirmed. 
  6. Headhunter is going to be by far, next to slayer, the most intense game-type. First, if you kill a guy with skulls you have to have the awareness and m,maneuverability to escape other that will notice you're skull count more and more as it goes up. So, the strategy remains to pick a few up at a time and return them to the scoring circle, or to simply go on a killing spree and rack up a lot [while dealing with the danger of being head-hunted] and then return them for a big win!
  7. The number of different elements in Halo Reach has to ask the question whether it is indeed Halo 4 or simply a whole new Game? Well, we all know that the new sniper weapons, and covenant laser sniper, along with the single-shot DMR presents a whole new aptitude for the game of the start. Throw in a few awesome vehicles like the spectra, Falcon, Revenant, and a pimped out Warthog with rockets attached and you have a recipe for the best game OF 2010.
  8. he armor being equipped with you custom Spartans or Elites is aesthetic to hardcore gamers looking to customize their character to look just how they want them to look.  You have multi-threat armor, recon armor, and permutation armor. Multi-threat has a pimped out look of a grenadier classification mixed with a general helmet and torso.
  9. The maps are revolutionary and have new weapon spawns and trends. There are higher, bigger maps thanks to the higher speed jet-packs, and  loadout abilities. There are rocket spawns that are enclosed and not in enemies way, like in Halo 2. There are sniper nests equipped with sniper rifles. Shotguns in basement and cellar areas. Overall, there is smarting combat and better climate for gamers to compete intensely and have a lot of fun. Swordbase is the narrow steep map where jet-packs are a must. Overlook is the ideal map for Generator Defense and is great for objective games. Boneyard is the biggest map that has ever been feature in Halo , let alone Halo Reach.. Overall the maps are specialized for certain objectives and have strategic weapons spawns and vehicle spawns.
  10. Halo Reach is also going to be the game for all gamers! I mean, if you like stealth there is stockpile and the load-out Stalker to compliment your tastes, If you like explosive, intense gaming there's the old Slayer,  CTF, and now the new Headhunter. If you like to play objective based game-types and are a team player then Halo Reach can simultaneously set you up with an active roster for that game-type.

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