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Halo Reach Full Preview As Title Nears Release

 Launch Date: September 14, Approx. Five Days
Halo Reach The Most Anticipated Game Of 2010

Halo, the epic Xbox series needs no introduction and neither does Halo: Reach, the latest, and possibly last, installment hitting the UK on September 14th – in less than a week’s time. With the full version already released to the press, an open multiplayer beta and a pirated leak, we already know a whole lot about the monster title and, fortunately, it’s all good – very very good.
Next big Halo game

The very last we’ve seen of Bungie was the Halo 3: ODST expansion released nearly a year ago and really, with Halo 3 coming out in 2007, fans have been longing for a major advancement in the popular series; well, Halo Reach is it, in a big way. Not only is it the next major title, but it actually initiates some very fundamental changes, unlike other titles in the series. Development on the game was already wrapped up a month ago, and, for those fans honest enough not to download a pirated copy, all that’s left to do is wait. Of course, in the meanwhile we can devour every piece of information available and, so, we present to you a preview of the major changes, most single-player campaign and multiplayer related, that Halo fans can expect.
Multiplayer looking good
Halo Reach Is Going To Be Awesome

We’ll start with the multiplayer, since this aspect makes up 95% of any Halo player’s game time. Moreover, with Halo: Reach’s open multiplayer beta for anyone who bought ODST, there aren’t a lot of surprises and we already have the low down on most all the details. Aside from a few complaints regarding the power of blast grenades, or the overpowered plasma launcher, the Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta was very well received by reviewers and Halo fans alike.
New modes, weapons, and game mechanics

With its entirely new engine, jetpacks, different classes, assassination kills from behind, armour, customisable emblems and, most noticeably, new mechanics which affect your character’s movement and shooting, the Reach multiplayer has a lot of, very cool, additions and changes. Then there are the new gameplay modes, including Invasion, Headhunter, which sees you collecting skulls off of dead players, Stockpile and Generator Defense, not to mention improvements made to well known modes like Arena and Forge. The best part: nearly all the changes and improvements made to the multiplayer have been for the better or have added a new dimension to the gameplay. Although it’s taken some getting used to for the Halo faithful, we can say with confidence that Halo: Reach actually feels like a truly new Halo game, without breaking anything in the process.

10X better than Halo 3?

Halo Reach producer Joseph Tung, himself an avid Halo multiplayer fan, calls the online gaming action in Reach ten times better than Halo 3. He’s not just being hyperbolic, as there actually is enough here to make the action feel different and better than Halo 3: ODST – maybe not ten times better, but you get the idea. Moreover, with Bungie making the necessary tweaks based on the beta feedback, we can only expect the online Xbox live action to be even more improved from what beta testers experienced earlier this year.
Epic campaign promised

While multiplayer might steal the Halo show, there are still plenty of people who enjoy, or even prefer, the campaign mode, whether playing co-op or single player. Bungie, it seems, have produced something truly epic for the fans in terms of the story, and gameplay.

The game is set in 2552, before the first Halo game took place, and, as the title indicates, takes place on the human colony of Reach. Of course, as any Halo players know, Reach later gets completely destroyed (save for one man) and we get to relive these cataclysmic events in Halo Reach.
Huge battles including some in space

The setting makes for some much larger, more cinematic battle sequences, which help the player feel truly involved an actual doomed war. Even some space battles are included (as you can see from the trailer below). We couldn’t ask for a better or more epic setting and Halo: Reach definitely looks set to deliver big time on the campaign front as well.

Last Halo game?

The Halo series is not officially officially over, but with Bungie now working with Activision and not Microsoft, there’s a very good chance Halo: Reach is the 10 year FPS series’ last hurray. Or at least, it will be the last Halo game developed by Bungie. At any rate, Halo: Reach, with its new engine, game mechanics, much improved graphics, overhauled multiplayer and very promising looking campaign mode, looks to be one of the biggest hits of 2010 and a definite must-have for any Halo fan or Xbox 360 owner.

Photo: Microsoft

Why go limited when you can go legendary?

With Bungie leaving and Halo possibly ending forever, simply releasing Halo: Reach along with a standard limited edition wasn’t enough; No, Microsoft had to do something special, something legendary. Officially known as the Halo Reach Legendary Edition, this extra packed version of the game includes all the extras of the standard Halo Reach limited edition, including a developer journal, elite armour for multiplayer use, and goodies about the Halo universe, as well as something more. That something more is an actual specially crafted and fairly large Noble Team statue, with all team members attached, a unique on-fire Spartan helmet that you can show off in multiplayer, and a very cool looking UNSC themed box with everything packed inside. Of course, a legendary collector’s edition demands a legendary price, although die-hard Halo fanboys shouldn’t have too much justifying the £100 or so we’ve seen it going for.So, get your regular, Limited, Legendary, Or Halo Reach Bundle Below. How much are you willing to dish out for your dominance in Halo Reach?

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