Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo Reach Midnight Release Madness

Halo Reach Is Here
Halo Reach Officially Launched Midnight On September 14, 2010
Now, there are two reasons why gamers choose to go with the midnight release of Halo Reach other than preorder your copy and have it shipped to your house in the next day. One, they just love the thrill of getting poured on by the rain and pitching a tent in a parking lot. The second is that they don't mind missing work, school, or practically blacklisting their next few days of activity and including nothing but Halo Reach during that time period. Us people that actually moderate gaming , school, work, personal life, Etc, we preordered it online because that's the sure thing that you will receive the copy. Anyways, I just drove by our local Best Buy and Wal-mart here in Duluth, Mn at About 11:30PM and I'm so glad that I relinquished myself from having to stand in line with a bunch of specksters [what I call Video Game Junkies] all night. The line At Best Buy appeared to have about 300 people in size, and the one at Wal-mart about 400!! I'm guessing the people that were at the back of those lines didn't receive their copy until about 3 O'clock and overall just cost themselves Monday Night Football and their self-respect. A Group of these guys had suits all of the Noble 6 Team 1-6!! At First it struck me as cool, but then I realized how pathetic you would have to be to cheer on a game as you do a Sports team! Anyways, long night for them along with wasted gas, money, and time. As for me, I'll have it by The day of Tuesday The 14th and won't jump overboard on the rest of my life just because a new Halo Launched.

     With Halo  Reach now launched we can look back and say thank you to Halo 3. Halo 3 Sold over 650 million copies worldwide and was the most popular game ever,  as far as sale numbers. No more four shots, Squad Battle, or cheap graphics; no where entering a more sleek, advanced era of gaming starting with Halo Reach. The Graphics in Halo Reach blow away Halo 3's specs and I'm so excited about all of the different things you can do in Reach that Halo 3 never had. In Halo Reach you can do a multitude of things: Arena play [Double and solo] , firefight[ team or solo], objective gametypes [one flag/bomb, CTF, Slayer, Team Slayer, Generator Defense, Invasion, Stockpile, Headhunter, and the New Wild-card Team Attack. Halo Reach is going to be everything that Halo 3 is , only multiplied the intensity, enjoyment, versatility, and vision [graphics] by four. If you have a Xbox 360 and haven't purchased this game then you don't know what a good game is!!
Call Of Duty Black Ops Will have the usual COD enticements  but it won't come close to Halo Reach in the categories of intensity, versatility, multitude, and overall quality. I am so excited to get playing Halo Reach, but first I have to take care of a few things [Work, Kids]. So, here's a list of what you should do when you Receive your copy of Halo Reach.

  • Get your friends and start up the Co-op Campaign in Matchmaking [in this case up to 4 players]
  • Grab a bible or cross and pray to the heavens in grace [do a Albert Pujols]
  • Determine whether you want embark  into Halo Reach as an Elite Or Spartan
  • Stock Up on ice cream, pre-baked pizzas, diet pop, and Aspirin [trust me this is a no fail equation for bulk gaming]
  • Make sure the level of noise on your alarm clock is at maximum [ you'll be having a gamers hangover]
  • Pay all of your bills and take care of your work [call in sick or take a few days off]
  • Tell your non gamer friends that you'll be real busy for the next few days [you won't want to be caught playing Halo Reach with garbage littered all over your room and your shirt full of pizza sauce]
  • Take A few rags to your room and place them by your bedside [you don't want to ruin your Halo Reach disc or Controllers]
  • Set the mood in your gaming area: The lights on or off, showered or not showered, room clean and cool, light sweats and a shirt or shorts and a T-shirt, and your home gamer optimized
  • Try the firefight mode [it supposed to be the most hyped gametype of them all]
  • Don't watch anymore You-tube Videos Because They Can Ruin The Ending On Halo Reach
  • Decide what type of gamer and reputation are you going to form in 
  • Halo Reach [Sniper, Marksman, Aggressive tactician, Vehicle specialist, Mr. Stealth, Or A combination
  • What is your forte and match it to what Halo Reach game-type is Apt for it [Good Sniper-- Objective games, DMR Or Tactician ---Slayer Or Invasion, Or Hardcore Gamer--Team Arena Or Solo Arena.
  • Set up your gamer Dashboard and Bio [Just give your friends and other gamers a reason why you're the best to team up with]
  • Finally, Get pumped and Start Playing The Most Revolutionary, Bombastic, Hyped , And Explosive Game of 2010!![ Start taking that Aspirin....]

Little late to the party? Go To Microsoft.com Or below  on Amazon to Order Halo Reach And Receive it in the next few days!! Go now, Halo Reach is at full throttle across the gaming community!!
    Microsoft Store
    Go Here To Order Halo reach

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