Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halo Reach Out-Sells COD Modern Warfare

Halo Reach Surpasses Sales Of COD In Fist Two Weeks
 A promotional shot from the Xbox 360 video game ‘Halo: Reach.’ The game went on sale Tuesday September 14,  and has already sold $10000 million worth of copies.

The Halo series has seen a lot of ups and downs.

The original "Halo" was a bland first-person-shooter that was saved by its multiplayer mode.

"Halo 2" was given a fantastic redesign and was one of the most beautiful games to come out on the original Xbox, and, even though the ending was non-existent, the story until that point was top notch, especially with the introduction of the alien Brutes.

Its online playability brought opponents together online in a way that had been unheard of on consoles at the time.

While "Halo 3" didn't lose any of the excellence from its predecessor, it didn't really add anything to the series, and things started to go downhill there, with the less than stellar reception of "Halo Wars" and the criticism aimed at "Halo 3: ODST's" short story mode and lack of real multiplayer update.

I am proud to say that "Halo: Reach" is the best entry in the series yet.

The game tells the story of Reach, the colony previously featured in the book "Halo: Fall of Reach," a bastion of humanity in a universe where the religious Covenant have wiped out almost all Earth colonies.

Anyone who has read the book knows it doesn't end too well for humanity, and the events of Reach will lead directly into the tail-whooping that the Covenant will receive from Master Chief in the original "Halo."

Unlike the book though, "Halo: Reach" follows the story of six new characters, Noble Team, a group of super-soldiers who, when sent to quell what is thought to be a rebellion, instead first encounter the alien enemy.

Each member of Noble Team is an unique individual with a fully fleshed-out personality, which is interesting in a FPS where typically all characters are pretty gung ho about shooting things in the face.

My personal favorite is the tranquil giant Jorge, but there are also skull-emblazoned, tough guy Emile, leader Carter, tech-savy tough girl Kat, talkative sniper Jun and the player's character.

What's nice is that the player can fully design their in-game avatar, choosing from sets of various armors, emblems and colors.

As players earn points in multiplayer and go up in rank, more armor types become available to them to create a truly unique character.

Unique character voices can also be purchased using the collectibles points, featuring the game's original characters and series favorites like Sgt. Johnson, Gunnery Sergeant Buck and Master Chief himself.

It is the little things that make the game go a long way.

While the story mode is fantastic, and by the end you will care for your teammates, it is the multiplayer that makes this game worth it.

It allows players to play just about any mode featured in a previous Halo.

For those who didn't care for the new abilities granted in "Halo: Reach's" beta earlier this year, more classic game modes are accessible as well.

The matchmaking is great too, with players offered a vote before each match as to what level they will be fighting on, using what game mode and what kind of abilities players will have access to.

My personal favorite is Swat Mode on Team Slayer, where players are only given a rifle and a pistol and they have no shields.

Every head shot is an instant kill and it is glorious.

However, my favorite addition to the game comes in the form of a so called "psychiatric analysis."

It is the online settings the player would like to use, whether or not they want to play for fun or to win or with a mature or childish crowd.

It is this addition that may diminish the stigma with playing video games on Xbox Live.

Those with an Xbox 360 should already have this game, but, for those who think they're too cool or don't want to be disappointed again, trust me on this and go out and buy it.

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