Saturday, September 4, 2010

Overview Of New Maps, Gametypes, And Weapons In Halo Reach

For Starters lets continue to get pumped out about
Halo Releasing In 11 days! Here's a sick montage of all the new maps in Halo Reach: Asylum, Boardwalk, Countdown,  and The Cage. These are some sick looking maps that have variety, craftiness, and are perfect for team objective games! Trust me, watch this video, you won't be disappointed!!

Here's a review of Halo Reach Part One:

Halo Reach Part 2 Overview

Halo Reach Matchmaking Overview

Get stoked gamers and especially MLG players because Halo Reach is almost available for play. You going to midnight release? You better, because this is making in the history Bungies last hoorah and one of the bet games ever made if not the best. MLG players you're going to love matchmaking because there is Arena play which shows you're true skill and many game-types and maps fit the mid-range to far range combat [IE Sandbox Asylum] We are last talking seriously explosive and innovative game-types like Stockpile. Headhunter, Invasion, and Generator Defense! If you like objective games then there are around 7 in total just to fit your mood ; whether you want to play offense defense or both at the same time!Last but not least let's talk about the weapons. DMR and the magnum look to be the most common weapons that are going to be used along with the energy sword for elites and assault rifles for Spartans. Some of these weapons like the rocket launcher and grenade launcher we all can't wait to harness the power of! Or how about trying out stalker equipped with an energy sword as an Elite. The combination of the jetpack and another weapon to enhance the element of surprise and ex[explosiveness is endless. You can jetpack up with a needler, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, plasma launcher, grenades, or try out your no scoping [a lot harder in Halo Reach]!! Anyways, Halo Reach gamers, if you haven't pre-orders your copy yet, you're making a brutal mistake upon your gaming because the first one to get theirs are the people that pre-orders theirs. The midnight release people don't get their s immediately because they have to stand in a line vs the preorders where you can just go there and they'll give it right to ya instantly. So, at Amazon you receive a co9mlimentary $20.00 dollars in amazon Online Credit as you all know by now. Get Yours below in my Amazon Store:

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