Tuesday, August 10, 2010


IGN Xbox 360 had a chance to go all out in Halo: Reach’s improved firefight mode and they bring us some new details about the enhancements along with the first ever game-play videos. For the uninformed ‘Firefight’ pits anywhere between 1 -4 Spartans in Combat against computer controlled Covenant enemies. These enemies arrive via drop-ships and are rolled out in waves. In Halo 3:ODST players could expect 5 rounds featuring increasing difficulties plus bonus ‘reinforcement’ drop-ships between rounds.

One of the biggest improvements being introduced in Reach is the ability for Firefight matchmaking. Similar to how the multiplayer system works. Players will be able to connect to Xbox Live and find partners to assist in their covenant slaying. It is unknown at this time if this feature will be available in the single player co-op campaign but it would be nice.

Bungie is also allowing players to control the individual parameters of a Firefight match. No longer are players subject to five or six rounds that can take upwards of half an hour per round. Now the host can chose a time limit, limit the skulls that have been activated and the number of rounds until the end of the game. Players can also expect to create their own custom sets of equipments – called load-outs – for their entire party to enjoy. Bungie has also coded in a default time limit – 10 minutes.

Individual expression also plays a huge role in the next installment of the Halo franchise. Players who took part in the beta already know that they will be able to create a custom Spartan that will appear in multiplayer and campaign. This Spartan will also carry over to the firefight mode both offline and online. It was not mentioned by Bungie whether or not the map editing ability of Forge will be available. As soon as more details turn up we will be sure to bring them to you.

So Firefight is the most anticipated element of halo reach.Is all this hype just speculation or is firefight as awesome as it sounds. Trust me, this is the coolest element of Halo Reach and takes the cake in the master of gametypes. Firefight features Spartans Vs Elites on forge world and is great for multiplayer play or especially when you just receive the game and want to get used to the controls. Firefight combines Forge world with campaign , in a way, and unleashes the most premier game-play you;ll get, except for on Xbox live.

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