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Halo Reach The Most Anticipated Game of 2010

If there’s one truth in the video game world, it’s this: Never bet against the sales success of a new “Halo” or “Grand Theft Auto”. But as Microsoft prepares to launch “Halo: Reach” this fall, early evidence indicates people may not be betting heavily enough.
Halo Reach
Source: Microsoft

For the past three weeks, Microsoft has given fans of the game a taste of what the series’ next installment will be like. It turns out that player appetites were even more voracious than expected.
2.7 million people logged in to play the public beta test of the multiplayer component of “Halo: Reach.” That’s more than three times as many people who did so with the beta for “Halo 3”.
Even taking in the larger installed base of Xbox 360 owners, it’s a number that surprised industry observers — and indicates Microsoft could have a potential monster hit on its hands.
“It’s certainly, at this point, feeling like it’s slightly stronger than we thought at the beginning of the year,” says Arvind Bhati, managing director Sterne Agee. “Halo has got a big audience – and as long as the quality is there, it’s going to get that kind of response. It’s a game that sells systems.”
“Halo 3,” when it was released in 2007, broke sales records — taking in more than $300 million in the first week. Ultimately, it sold nearly 6 million copies. (Analysts say sales of 7-8 million copies for “Halo: Reach” — a prequel to the series, which does not feature the game’s primary Master Chief hero — would be notable.)
The potential for higher than anticipated “Halo” sales combined with growing curiosity surrounding the motion controller currently codenamed Project Natal could boost expectations for Microsoft this holiday season. Given that Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s entertainment devices division, in January said he expects 2010 to be the Xbox’s “biggest year ever,” that’s notable.Analysts say the timing of “Halo: Reach,” which hits stores Sept. 14 and will be the franchise’s last game developed by creator Bungie Studios, couldn’t be much better.“Halo is going to catch people exactly when they’re getting bored with ‘Call of Duty: [Modern Warfare 2],” says Michael Pachter, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities.
That could impact Activision which is betting big on the “CoD” franchise again this year. Beyond a new title (whose sales will be meticulously examined, given the developer strife surrounding the franchise), the company is also releasing downloadable content for “Modern Warfare 2”.
Similarly, Electronic Arts  could be caught in the blast zone, with “Crysis 2” due this winter and “Dead Space 2” slated to release during the first calendar quarter of 2011. Expectations on both titles are significantly lower than a “Halo” or “Call of Duty” game, but EA, over the past few years, has been stung by a series of titles that have posted disappointing sales. It can scarcely afford more. 

  Halo Reach also is supposedly the last installment  in the Halo series so that also draws more attention and bigger budget advertising. We all know that this is the last Halo game that Microsoft will be publishing for Bungie so obviously they're going to go out with a bang. Adding to this Halo Reach and Call of Duty fans exist in a give or take system. A large majority of gamers either play Halo or COd so they often have to choose whether they want to play the newest Halo Reach or COD. Which ever one is better will win out in the short-term sales so the in the making of these games developers always dd new features and try to put their game on a pedestal above the other. This time around Halo Reach has completely changed from Halo 3  and COD Black Ops not so much from Call of Duty Word At War. This could mean a huge gap in either up or down compared to COD Black Ops sales . Have the changes and new features made Halo Reach overall more exciting, gamer-friendly game, or has it changed too much to the point where Halo Fans are looking the other way? Well, I hit the forums [, IGN, gamespot, Etc.] to find out.

   In the forums there was relatively no complaints just hype and anxious gamers awaiting the new and exciting game. The biggest complaint was on the starting weapon in Halo Reach. The Br in Halo 3, and the magnum or assault rifle in most cases on Halo Reach.The Mr being the marque weapon of choice for a large majority of Halo 3 gamers [all the real halo 3 gamers] were upset by parting with their best friend in exchange for a single shot DMR with not as much spark or ability to kill quickly. In Halo Reach the DMR can kill in five shots but it's really hard to get five shots on the enemy since the recoil of the DMR is a second longer than in Halo 3. Despite the close range obscurity at mid-range to far-away it can pick off adversaries with ease and consistency. So, in Reach the BR is opted out for a rangy, more accurate rifle, not the worst thing that could happen , right? Okay, how about the grenades. They can kill instantly with one throw, cheap no?  Well, considering the lack of power of some of the weapons [DMR assault rifle, pistol]I think its suiting for grenades to b more explosive and lethal in Halo Reach.The way that I compare Halo Reach and COD is this: Halo Reach; intense, awesome, thrilling, and addictive. COD: Black Ops; snooooooore! Same old stuff!!

RPG elements, like the load outs. Do I have to say any more Gamers, go and get your copy below and receive an automatic $20.00 extra credit after purchase of any halo reach and or halo reach package. So go and get yourself Halo Reach and a new mic for goodness sake!!

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