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Halo: Reach Pirates Will Pe Permabanned, Says Microsoft

Halo Reach Launches In 3 Weeks
Halo Reach Is Going To Be Explosive!
     We all have some friends or a Friend that knows a friend that knows a friend that have reportedly seen  another player playing Halo Reach by looking at their service record and seeing that a player has achieved some of the Halo Reach achievements. You're first thought is what, then you get an anxious -jealous feeling and think to yourself, I want this jerk banned. Well, Bungie has done just so, even if the leaked downloads was the fault of Microsoft. Guys, did you think that the gaming community wouldn't catch you? C'mon some of these gamers live to harass, ridicule, or judge other gamers either wrongly or in good ways. I really think that these over-zealous geeks got what they deserved and god riddance to people who have the wit to do that anyway, they could be ex-hackers or something. Well, here's the elongated explanation of the hoax that never was.

Gamers who have decided to forgo the 3-week wait and download illegitimate copies of Halo: Reach will suffer some less than pleasant consequences.

A group of modders managed to nab the entire build from Xbox Live without paying the steep price of 99999 MS Points ($1250). While the group said it had no intention of releasing the hacked build to the public, it inevitably ended up on file-sharing sites where many anxious gamers have purportedly snatched the opportunity to play Halo: Reach early.

Unfortunately for them, Microsoft is tracking these pirates down and slamming them with a permanent ban from Xbox Live, according to a policy document obtained by MaxConsole. The “Notification of Permanent Suspension” cites “prerelease title play” as the cause for the ban, stating that players will never be able to connect to Xbox Live again. Microsoft has yet to say whether they will ban the GamerTag or the Xbox 360.

When GameSpot reached out for comment, Microsoft released the following statement:

“Microsoft’s commitment to combat piracy and support safer and more secure gameplay for the 25 million members of the Xbox Live community remains a top priority. All consumers should know that piracy is illegal, violates the Xbox Live terms of use, and will void their warranty and result in a ban from Xbox Live.”

Microsoft’s director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, Stephen Toulouse, said on Twitter:

“As with all unauthorized play on Xbox Live, anyone playing any unauthorized title runs the risk of account permaban and console. Remember, legit store bought copy runs no risk of ban. Key word: UNAUTHORIZED. We have ways of knowing.

Halo Reach "The Most Anticipated Game Of 2010" has definitely lived up to the hype. People are so desperate to get a copy that they are willing to risk their reputation and online play ability, that's never been heard of in past game releases. People are anxious, desperate, excited, enthralled, and kooky about getting their copy of Halo Reach because of the cool elements, gametypes, plot, story, weapons, maps, and changes that have brought on a more fair and tailor made gaming experience. We all know that after these last three weeks that Halo will no longer be Halo but some synthesized version of a 1st person shooter and RPG. The versatility and explosive game play of this game is going to revolt Halo's legacy and eternal the series that was. Gamers have to get used to a whole new way of gaming, not by just what you do in the game, but how you prepare ; choosing your loadouts, armor, and Personnel, and how fast you can think in a game situation where it calls for a certain strategy or loadout ability to overcome your opponent. Gaming will be a lot more cerebral and no longer will there be  a boring repetitiveness about it. No, Halo has taken the best out of a RPG and combined that with awesome graphics, killer weapons and vehicles, ingenious maps, creative gametypes, and has tried to appeal to gamers with more fair and explosive gameplay. This is an equation for the best game of the year , and perhaps of the next five years. So, don't be cheap and get your below at the two best selling locations: Microsoft [Free Shipping = Good deal] Or Amazon where thereafter your purchase of Halo Reach you will automatically receive a $20.00 amazon gift card or credit guaranteed and also free shipping.

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