Sunday, August 8, 2010

Halo Reach Beta Montage

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 We all are pumped for Halo Reach. We all are thinking about it everyday as we check online for the best possible way to pre-order our copy. This will be, in my opinion the best game of 2010. The following from the previous halos ,as well as new gamers that will come on board, are hoping to make this one of the best games of the decade. I strongly support all of the hype surrounding Reach and think that it will be every bit its anticipated to be. The graphics, weapons, personal, vehicles, stratagem, sounds, production of, and the enemies all come together  to make Reach Absolutely perfect, a 10 out of 10.

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The People who don't like Halo, haven't tried Reach. I guarantee that any gamer would love to play Halo Reach , regardless of their gaming background.Some hardcore gamers don't respect Halo's over explosive, melodramatic graphics and game play. But, If you truly love the excitement, thrill, action , and gaming endorphins from getting a double or triple kill, then Halo Reach is your game.Here's some more sweet snipes, bloody beat-downs, and sharp shooters getting there's in the Halo Reach Beta.

 Reach Legendary Edition Lives Up To His Label
Halo Reach is Bungie's last hurrah in the Halo universe, and they aren't saying goodbye without a lovely Limited Edition and one final, ultra-expensive Legendary Edition.
First we have the Halo Reach Limited Edition, priced at $79.99. $20 over the standard price scores fans a recovered ONI "black box" holding the game disc, an exclusive set of Elite armor for multiplayer, and an artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey's personal journal and various documents and effects that explore the history of the Halo universe.
With a price of $149.99, the Halo Reach Legendary Edition is one of the pricier collector's editions we've seen, but it certainly isn't without reason. There's not mini-plastic cat helmet inside this box. Instead, Bungie commissioned McFarlane Toys to create a 10 inch tall, 10 pound diorama statue featuring the members of Noble Team, the stars of the game.
As if that weren't enough, the Legendary Edition also comes with a flaming Spartan helmet for multiplayer, as well as all of the contents of the Limited Edition, all packed inside a striking UNSC-themed custom box.
If that's not a fine sendoff for Bungie's final game in the Halo series, I don't know what is. I plan on preordering the standard edition, and then begging my Game Stop manager to put aside one of the Legendary Editions for me at the last minute, when my resolve falters.Pre-order yours today, while they last.:

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