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Status Of Halo Reach: Almost Finished

  We all can't wait to turn on our new Xbox 360 Elites, Slim, Pro, or if you actually got a Xbox 360 that has lasted you throughout Halo 3 and more , than you are pretty fortunate. As we all know, the Beta definitely had a few glitches and needed revisions. One of these bugs hat  Bungie took and smashed was the power of the vehicles. Bungie first  beefed up the power and resistance of most of the vehicles, especially the lame banshee that seemed to have the power equivalence to a ghost only. No, Bungie was not  going to disappoint you. They also changed the glitch of the vehicles exploding on their own and now they only explode from direct player damage. Another hole to fill was some kind of common weapon that could replace the versatility and prominence of the BR. As of now, Bungie has introduced a sweet sub-machine gun that is as deadly as it looks:

 Amped Up SMG

  Yes Halo hopefuls, the rapid fire SMG has transferred from Halo 3 to Halo Reach. But, in Reach, it is twice as powerful and still holds the deadly ability to blind your opponent in a blaze of fire,  leaving his Aime jacked up. One of my favorite weapons to use in Narrows in Halo 3: dual-wield SMG'S. Why? Because it could take down all other weapons on the map at will [BR, Sniper Rifle, And  Assault Rifle]. I assure you this gun packs lethal ability and will be a nice addition to the spread of close encounter weapons already introduced in Halo Reach.

   As for the Armory of  Spartans, we can now pimp our own player. You can customize ten parts of the armor [no I don't know if crotch is available for customization]! However, I know that the Spartan Armor looks baller and my personal favorite is the grenadier [not to mention the grenade launcher as the starting weapon]! So, Here's a list of the classifications of Spartan Armor starting with the beginning armor and increasing in classification all the way to Recon:

EOD Permutation Armor
  1. COC
  2. ODST
  3. Hazop
  4. EOD
  5. Operator
  6. Grenadier
  7. Air Assault
  8. Scout
  9. EVA
  10. Miltary Police
  11. COB
  12. Base
  13. UA/CNM
  14. LBRN/HWL
  15. Recon

Military Police Armor
Multi-Threat UA Armor

  Air Assault



   Every gamer has his or her own unique reputation [whether be it good or bad] that sets them apart from the other members in their party and on their friends list. Whether it's a respectable trait , such as: being an ace with the sniper, honing the spartan laser, being king of the Br changed DMR, master of stealth and gamer IQ, warthog driver, warthog gunner, stick artist, rocket whore, camper, team Br Man, or simply just an overall consummate gamer.  Or rather not , such as, kill stealer, joker that never locks it down, guy that always charges alone and is overly aggressive, tendency to never come through in the clutch, or just a pure social player. However you mark yourself up, it reflects on your service record. Yes, like in Halo 3, there is a service record that is available to the Xbox live community that displays your bio, statistics, and whatever else that defines you as a gamer. Now, only in Halo Reach there is a more direct way of setting players apart; by their top commendations. Whether you are a good sniper, good Kill-To-Death-Ratio-, or have earned a lot of the achievements this will show up as one of your top commendation. So, snipers will be marked as snipers, Br tact men will be seen as formidable killers, and you will get a clear label as a Halo Reach gamer from your top commendations. 

   Only three weeks to the most anticipated game [no not COD black ops releasing September 6th] of the decade Halo Reach comes available to the gaming community. So, prepare yourself. Here's a list of what you should have to be fully prepared for some hardcore gaming with no interruptions come release day:


Halo Reach is going to be Available In 30 Days!!!Yes, that's right so I'm going to tell you when you should pre-order yours, if you haven't. Where to pre-order Halo Reach. And What each exclusive package contains and the prices of each. So Halo fans, This is what you should do to get ready for Halo Reach:

  1. Stop Playing Halo 3! By continuing to play Halo 3 you are only wasting your time and ours by not finding out more about Halo Reach and how to pre-order it. Forget about every strategy or maneuver in Halo 3. In Halo Reach, there are completely different controls and the ninja and other BR tactics are none existent. So, MLG players. Get ready to transition to other objectives like stockpile, invasion, generator defense, headhunter, or CTF. That's right, the DMR is a single shot weapon and is fair to all people for mastering it, so no more getting four-shotted by a MLG player continuously. The DMR can kill an opponent via a four-shot but it can't shoot nearly as fast as the BR in Halo 3. No MLG, only cool objective games in Halo Reach.
  2.  Pre-order You Copy of Halo Reach NOW because the fastest, cheapest way to get your copy is online via Microsoft Store: [automatic elite premium armor when ordering from Microsoft online]

       alt="Microsoft Store" src="">

    Or Better Yet, Right Here On Amazon:

    For New Tab Go Here:

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

3.Halo Reach Wireless Xbox 360 Headset: 

Product Features
  • Features all the functionality of the Wireless Headset, a distinctive silver color and artwork created by Bungie that was inspired by Halo: Reach, the blockbuster prequel to the award-winning Halo trilogy.
  • The Best-Selling Headset on the Market. 
  • Best quality for the price, rated number one on headset review sites.
4. Buy Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST is a standalone expansion for Halo 3 that for the cost of 30 USD includes 2 discs that features all DLC packs and a new multiplayer mode. ODST is a whole new campaign about an ODST squad in the ruins of New Mombasa during the events of Halo 2. You can buy it at Microsoft Or Amazon for only 30 dollars now:
Halo Reach is a prequel to the main Halo trilogy and takes place before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo Reach is a completely new game due out fall of 2010 and it campaign is based on the defense of planet Reach.The Storyline Features the last battle between the Spartans And Covenant For Earth.Anyways, by buying Halo 3:ODST you're discontinuing Halo 3, which will be beneficial toward your speed of acclimation to Halo Reach and you're playing a new and exciting plot-line with some new features.

4. Reserve Your Halo Reach Copy At Best Buy

 Best Buy Outlet Store



5. Pre-Order The Halo Reach Limited Or Legendary Edition From Best Buy Where You Get:

From Amazon:
Halo Reach Limited Edition [80 dollars]

  • Fastest shipping arrival time
  • Cheapest Prices
  • Ability To use gift cards and personalize your copy

Or At Best Buy Where The Incentives Are:
  1.  If you reserve a copy of the limited or legendary editions you will receive three months of Xbox Live Gold for free.
  2. Reserve a standard copy of Reach and you get one month for free. 
  3. They also throw in 500 Reward Zone points as well as an extra incentive just in case that matters to you.

Product Features

Edition: Limited Edition
  • Game Disc in custom case modeled after a recovered ONI data module
  • A custom in-game Elite armor set for use in Reach's multiplayer modes
  • Artifact Bag containing a brand-new piece of the extended Halo universe: The personal notes and documents of the creator of the SPARTAN program: Dr. Catherine Halsey
  • Dr. Halsey's ONI Security Badge
  • Embroidered Spartan II Patch

Product Features

Edition: Legendary Edition
Halo Reach Legendary Edition
  • Noble Team statue expertly crafted by the artisans at McFarlane Toys. Individually molded and hand-painted
  • UNSC-themed custom packaging
  • An exclusive in-game Spartan armor effect
  • Complete contents of the Halo: Reach Limited Edition, including: ONI data module box, Dr. Halsey’s Journal, Embroidered Spartan II patch, Dr. Halsey’s ONI Badge, and the Limited Edition Elite in-game armor

Play And Charge Kit On Xbox 360 Controller
6. Get A Play-n-Charge-Kit So you don't run out of battery power come September 14, 2010.

   Imagine yourself putting  in Halo Reach for the first time so excited about your new armor that you can hardly take a slurp of that diet coke, and then as you're getting into true "gamer euphoria" your controller goes out. You look down at your controller and there's no light. Your batteries failed you. A guaranteed way to never have your controller lose power and become disconnected during Matchmaking ,or while you're gaming in general, is to buy a play-n-charge kit. These are lifesavers for your pocket book and your gaming reputation. You never have to worry about buying batteries again. They charge while you play and NEVER Go Out. Get yours here Starting At $7.58  [Now comes in red, black, and green]
7. When The Game Changes so has to your gaming gear. Halo Reach is bringing the intensity of gaming to the world and you better come equipped and ready to play. The perfect compliment to your play and charge kit is a gamer-optimized Halo Reach Wireless Controller. This boss features grip indentations specifically designed for better aiming, grip, and comfort taking your gaming to another zip code! This is the latest design and technology in Gaming controllers all available for you to excel at Halo Reach to your potential. Get Yours Here, Again at Amazon where you'll find the best price and fastest shipping time.

8. Have trouble finding a valid reason to buy a larger, flat-screen TV, plasma TV, Or LCD TV? Well, now you have one. Study shows [This is a legit study] that gamers who played with a 37 Inch-42 Inch LCD TV performed better than gamers who played on smaller TVs [around 24 inches]   and those who played on plasma TVs. LCD TVs size 30 inches to 40 inches are the best to game on because:
  • They are cheaper than plasma TVs
  • Better contrast/brightness
  • No glare
  • evenly lighted
  • Better graphics
So, Don't worry about the expenditure of buying a LCD TV. You can find a quality one, as described above, for around 400 dollars [On Ebay Less]
Here's A Great {Place To Buy Quality, Cheap LCD TV's:


Best Buy Outlet Store Cheap Tv's

9. Buy a sleeker, More Halo Reach Friendly Xbox 360:

  • You need more memory sopace
  • you need better connection and technology
  • Prevent all problems
  • Order a Halo Reach Console Bundle [Cheapest option combined]
  1. The Xbox 360 Elite
  2. The Xbox 360 4 GB With Kinect
  3. The Xbox 360 250GB Console
  4. The Xbox 360 Pro  4 Gb refurbished [170 dollars]
10. Clean- Out, redesign, and upgrade your Gaming Room:

   That's right. Take out the vacuum cleaner and wipe off your console, controllers, and TV. The best prevention from your Xbox 360 form retaining the Three Rings of Death is to always keep your gaming environment as cool, and clean as possible [trust me, I figured it out the hard way].This means dusting your room and clearing it all form lint, dust, and floating debris that can harm the function of your Xbox 360, and ultimately mark the terminal end of your gaming. Always, keep your Xbox 360 off your rug, because debris can just openly float right inside those crevices in your Xbox 360 Shell and cause you big problems in the future. Is it worth it to ya to have a cleaner, better smelling, overall flattering gaming experience just for a hour a month to clean-up your gaming room? I mean, really all it takes is putting the Xbox 360 on top of a table or placing it in a self-cooling fan stand [bought one after my 1st Xbox 360  my old one   lapsed terminal due to overheating] . Better yet, save yourself the chores and just buy a fan stand for your Xbox 360, trust me: well worth the investment:

11.Save Some Money:

We all know gaming can be an expensive hobby but we all have to have our cigarettes[ That's not a pun, I'm comparing the addict level of gaming to smoking]!!So, cancel that Netflix membership of 10 dollars per month and switch to buying from your local Redbox where all DVD's are only one dollar.The point is, you don't want to miss your car payment just because you purchased Halo Reach, so find the best deals[] and forget all of the rest. The main thing you should be worried about is not breaking the bank not if you purchase recon armor for 150 dollars!! So go, on order your Halo Reach Copy  smartly from Amazon While There Still Available:

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