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New Halo Reach Photos, Vehicles, Maps, and Armor

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Warthog With Rockets
So, what I found out from the Bungie weekly update on August 6 is that there are even more game-types, maps, armor , and vehicles. That's right, for those who though Bungie wasn't going to change the release from the beta are completely wrong.

Bungie added a new awesome game-type called Race which is a prequel to rocket race in Halo 3. So those of you who are groaning about the inclusion of rocket race in Halo Reach hold your tongue. First, you get credits for playing Race , their are cool trip mines you can lay behind you destroying your enemy, the objective is to get from one point [circle] to another and complete the race before your adversaries do. Once again the requirements for this game-type is a mongoose and a teammate once again equipped with rockets!So, rocket race stays for all the nubs who have no skill at using weapons and for dudes so stacked that they can't even drive straight so they take their drunken aggression out [while wandering the map aimlessly] on some dude driving by to the circles.

Trip Mine
Moving on, Halo Reach has confirmed the inclusion of three more awesome vehicles: the revenant; a ghost with a cannon seating two people, the falcon; an aircraft carrier with guns and torpedoes, and finally the best vehicle change they made was to exile the Gauss warthog and bring about the warthog with rockets attached. How sweet will that be in multiplayer!!The vehicles are all coll except for the dumb retarded banshee that steers like a old Buick. There is no give to sharp turns its more of a downgrade to the banshee in Halo 3 considering mobility and maneuverability. But in essence, the vehicles look cool and are deadly just the same [stupid banshee arghg]!

Now, for the new revealed map ,Riptide! This map looks like Relic only not with all of the open bunkers and cheap sniping hideout. I do like the looks of this map because of all the potential for a great sniping and vehicle map just like Relic was for Halo 2. Also, the beach side view is cool because you can drown!!

  There is also a NEW WEAPON REVEALED ITS A MACHINE GUN WITH A SCOPE, maybe like a AK47!!I'm not positive that's it available in matchmaking but it's definitely included in Campaign mode. Either way I'm sure that it'll make a splash one way or another. All in all this weapon looks like a perfect compliment to a starting weapon, [Hint Hint Bungie!]

   As for  new forge news there's a plenty! You can shade your map in forge to make it purple, orange [gay[, dark green [for zombies] , and next generation which just makes it look more austere to me. As for the objects you can purchase there are so many opportunities that map makers are presented with I wouldn''t be surprised if there was a new map pack in the first 6 months after release. Nerds are going to go bonkers when they see what they can play with. There's sniper nests, vehicle landing, building with rooms, color -coded bases, bunkers, potential for aerial maps, potential for a only vehicle map. The possibilities stretch beyond the imagination. If you're a techno guy then you've got all the materials at your disposal with new settings to make map making faster, funner, and way more diverse. Forge is not what I'm stoked about personally but for those who enjoy making masterpieces go right ahead and bedazzle us all!
Elite General Armor

   Finally, the new Elite armor. All I can say is that the Elites don't look like dinosaurs anymore so maybe they'll begin to look more popular with a new set of diggs, ya hear! Yes, the coolest looking armor for the Elite would have to be the gold- encrusted General armor. Next, would have to be Zealot and Prophet all of which look futuristic and finally give Elites a cool, enigmatic look to them. And we all have heard that with each rank you earn comes with it are sets of weapons, grenades, and load-out abilities. For example, the Spartan's top armor ability features starting weapons grenade launcher and magnum. As for the top Elite armor ability   a energy sword. Here's more on this topic that Bungie has kept in the dark but I snooped out:

Grenadier Armor
 1) Air Assault: Assault Rifle (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 2 frags, Jetpack.
2) Expert Marksman: DMR (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 3 frags, Sprint.
3) Operator: Shotgun (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 3 frags, Armor Lock.
4) Grenadier: "Pro-Pipe" Grenade Launcher (Primary), Assault Rifle (Secondary), 3 frags, Sprint. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elite Armor Classifications:

1) Ranger: Plasma Repeater (Primary), Plasma Pistol (Secondary), 2 plasmas, Jetpack.
2) Royal Zealot: Needle Rifle (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 3 plasmas, Evade.
3) Gladiator: Energy Sword (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 2 plasmas, Evade.
4) Champion Assassin: Needler (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 3 plasmas, Active Camo.

In essence, the Spartan has far superior armor abilities over the Elites abilities. Look at the shotgun [Operator] Vs the Energy Sword [Gladiator] . Who's going to win every time, [unless the Elite creeps up camo] the Spartan. Most surprisingly of all though, is the grenade launcher [Grenadier] Vs.  The Needler [Champion Assassin] . That's like a stick against a bat, the difference is that the bat can kill. The needlerloadout ability sprint speed as a default skill] and they are much more agile and  stealthy. So, this may be the place where you have to decide, do I want the superior weapons [Spartan Armor Abilities] or do I want the Speed, Stealth, And Maneuverability of the Elites. Of course, these can be switched over but you still have to decide whether to play as an Elite or Spartan in Matchmaking.  Personally, think the Spartans are the better choice as you move up in the armor classifications, and Elites are the best choice for when you just begin the game.

   Here's a video that has an overview of all of the latest weapons, maps, armory ,forge, and vehicles:

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