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Halo Reach In Depth Overview Of Maps, Vehicles, And Weapons

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Halo: Reach is a prequel of sorts. It does not follow our usual hero, Spartan-117, but instead follows a squad of new Spartans, Team Noble. The group consists of 5 Spartan-III’s and one remaining Spartan-II. It is unclear whether all the Spartans will be playable in campaign, but we do know that the main character will be another strong silent type: Noble Six.

From the beginning we know the end; Reach is destroyed by a fleet of covenant. What we don’t know is the impact of the Spartan forces leading to the destruction.

Reach is the location of the UNSC's largest and most active shipyard. It is also where the UNSC's most elite troops, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, are trained. Reach is also the largest non-automated exporter of titanium. ε Eridani's superior interstellar jump point has been the most active S-F space transfer zone (arrivals and departures) for over thirty years, with ε Eridani's inferior IJP and Sol's superior IJP regularly trading second and third place spots.
Noble team consists of
• Noble Six (S-312)
• Kat (S-320)
• Carter (S-259)
• Emile (S-239)
• Jun (S-266)
• The remaining Spartan-II: Jorge (S-052)

Halo: Reach Beta

What’s New:
• Elites return as enemies
• Skirmishers, kin of Jackals, make an appearance as stronger close range enemies
• The number of AI has increased significantly, with “dumb” AI off in the distance but when you approach them they turn into “Smart” AI with which you can interact with.
• The level sizes will be significantly increased with multiple missions per level allowing you to choose how to approach them
• Grunts, Jackal, and possibly Brutes will all be appearing again
• UNSC Army soldiers will also be included alongside the Marines

New Vehicles:
Two confirmed new vehicles will be include:
Falcon: A driveable Warthog of the sky.

Spirit: Covenant dropship, it's assumed to be driveable in campaign and multiplayer

Along with the return of the:
• Warthog

• Ghost

• Mongoose (with rear view mirror)
• Banshee

• Wraith

• Scorpion

• Being able to drive civilian vehicles in campaign.

New Weapons

Halo: Reach attempts to revitalize what made Halo: CE so iconic. They bring back some old favorites along with some new variations.

• Assault Rifle: Supposed to feel closer to the CE AR

• DMR: (Designated Marksman Rifle)Headshot Machine 3x scope, single shot, 12 shot clip

• Needler Rifle: Covenant equivalent of the DMR supposedly, 3x needles for super combine

• Sniper Rifle

• Plasma Pistol

• Magnum (2x Zoom, Feels like Halo: CE pistol, accuracy decreases greatly at high rate of fire)

• Shotgun
• Grenade Launcher

• Rocket Launcher

• Needler

• Plasma Repeater

• Energy Sword

• Plasma Grenades
• Frag Grenades
• Plasma Launcher

• Gravity Hammer

• Covenant Focus Rifle

Combat Information:
Night Vision
• 4 Grenades of each type can be held
• Active Roster
• New Gamemodes: Head Hunter, Invasion, Spartans Vs. Elites, The Arena
• Improved animations: Assassinations
• Maps now have official call-outs that are displayed on your HUD

Spartan Loadouts:

• Sprint
• Active Camo
• Lockdown

Elite Loadouts:
• Evade

• Active Camo

Multiplayer Maps
The Multiplayer maps will be tied into the Single Player Campaign, assumingly similar to ODST.
Thanks Lightsout for this awesome Beta map breakdown


Out of the 4 maps we're told about in the IGN article, we definitely get the best look at Powerhouse. It's a medium-large map suited for 4v4 and supposedly plays Slayer really well. We've also seen KotH played on it in last month's multiplayer trailer. We've already seen the gorgeous water shots and clips in the past weekly updates. Needless to say Im sure we are all excited to add a little red tint to that waterway come May 3rd. Powerhouse looks to be a fantastic asymmetric map that can probably play well for multiple gametypes.


Low view

High view



What if Prisoner and Boarding Action made teh seksy timez? Result: Gorgeous small-mid sized map based on two opposing sides chopped full of narrow interconnecting paths and sneaky routes. Its been speculated that the name could have something to do with longsword ships. However, its more likely that Swordbase is just the sister compound to the infamous military installation Castlebase seen in The Fall of Reach, which stood on top of the ancient forerunner structure deep within Menachite Mountain. Gameplay features both vertical and horizontal loops sure to keep games fast-paced and exciting.

Atrium low view with new 360 degree man-cannon offerings. Swordbase features 3 man-cannons

Atrium overhead

Inner ramp with a pretty glass-floored area. This map is clean and just waiting for spilled blood

Back room, looks like a military tactical planning type room


While most multiplayer maps for Reach were later plugged into segments of the campaign, Overlook is quite the opposite. This is a purely campaign-based space that has been pulled out specifically to put a high stress on the matchmaking network systems. It will play the test gametype 'Generator Defense', or Network Test 1, which may or may not ultimately make it into the shipped game come fall. This interesting map seems to have taken a page out of Halo 3, and has a similar concept to High Ground in some regards. Uphill with lots of natural cover and a base at the top. Unfortunately we don't have too much to go on with this one. Only one shot that gives us an idea of the layout, and one tight interior shot.

Fortunately, though, the one outside shot is fantastic

Interior. Cramped and snake-like. Should offer some good variety in playstyles for this map

Boneyard is large, appears to be asymmetric, and seems to be where UNSC ships come to 'die'. It's been specifically designed to support the much anticipated gametype Invasion. Unfortunately, we only have 2 concept art images right now. However, Geoff Kieghley and GTTV are doing a special on Boneyard, Invasion, and other details that will air next Friday evening for our viewing pleasure. The hype machine rolls on!

Outside Concept

Inside concept

New Gametypes
Kill enemies, collect skulls, don’t die, return skulls, win.
Originally Posted by ”Bungie”
"a new 'party' game [...] where the goal is to collect and capture the most skulls." Basically, players drop a skull upon death, and you just want to scoop that skull and carry it to a designated skull deposit zone (that actually moves around the map). You can carry multiple skulls, but here's a warning: if you're killed before scoring, then you drop all the skulls you had. In fact, Carroll points out, "you have a nice navpoint over your head showing everyone in the game how many skulls you are carrying. When you have ten, then that actually shows up as a flashing star or VIP waypoint, to let everybody know you're the one guy to go after.

Described as capture the flag meets territories. Collect neutral flags and bring them to territories to capture them.

Generator Defense
3 spartans versus 3 elites. Elites try and destroy the three generators, Spartans try and defend them. Random weapons

A 6v6 vehicle and heavy weapon kill-fest. Likely to be Spartans vs Elites, but not much else is known about this gametype yet. It plays on boneyard, which is also the only Beta map to feature vehicles. Should be awesome.

Returning Gametypes
Most of the old gametypes will be returning, though a few like assault have yet to be mentioned
•Capture the Flag
•King of the Hill
•Slayer Pro (Sprint only, DMR/Needler Rifle Starts, no radar)
•Three Plots (Halo 2 style territories)


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