Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Top Ten Features Of Halo Reach

 1. Armor Abilities And Classifications:

 Spartan Armor Classifications:Advertise my site free! Add & submit url & exchange text links + increase traffic & improve page rank!
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<!-- END BANNER1 1) Air Assault: Assault Rifle (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 2 frags, Jetpack. 2) Expert Marksman: DMR (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 3 frags, Sprint. 3) Operator: Shotgun (Primary), Pistol (Secondary); 3 frags, Armor Lock. 4) Grenadier: "Pro-Pipe" Grenade Launcher (Primary), Assault Rifle (Secondary), 3 frags, Sprint. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elite Armor Classifications:

1) Ranger: Plasma Repeater (Primary), Plasma Pistol (Secondary), 2 plasmas, Jetpack.
2) Royal Zealot: Needle Rifle (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 3 plasmas, Evade.
3) Gladiator: Energy Sword (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 2 plasmas, Evade.
4) Champion Assassin: Needler (Primary), Plasma Repeater (Secondary), 3 plasmas, Active Camo.

In essence, the Spartan has far superior armor abilities over the Elites abilities. Look at the shotgun [Operator] Vs the Energy Sword [Gladiator] . Who's going to win every time, [unless the Elite creeps up camo] the Spartan. Most surprisingly of all though, is the grenade launcher [Grenadier] Vs.  The Needler [Champion Assassin] . That's like a stick against a bat, the difference is that the bat can kill. The needler has been revised in Halo Reach to be Less Accurate and deadly while the grenade launcher, a stud, is the most powerful weapon in the game besides the rocket launcher. Despite all of the Spartan armor abilities advantages the Elites come equipped with Sprint Speed [They have the loadout ability sprint speed as a default skill] and they are much more agile and  stealthy. So, this may be the place where you have to decide, do I want the superior weapons [Spartan Armor Abilities] or do I want the Speed, Stealth, And Maneuverability of the Elites. Of course, these can be switched over but you still have to decide whether to play as an Elite or Spartan in Matchmaking.  Personally, think the Spartans are the better choice as you move up in the armor classifications, and Elites are the best choice for when you just begin the game.

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2.Loadouts:  Unlike any other first person shooters, Halo Reach takes a page out of an RPG and features load-out abilities. Thus, Reach features abilities like Airborne[jet-pack], Scout [Spartans only; a sprint], Stalker [Elites Only ; ability to turn camo but not completely], and My favorite, Power guard[the ability to make yourself invincible to all damage for a short period of time while not being able to move, but likely to get the 1st hit once your ability is done.Halo Reach will never get boring for any period of time as long as you can jetpack around from above with the rockets launching an airborne attack, or hide at weapon spawns then turn camo once your enemy is on your radar, leaving them helpless, or stop the flag buy a sprint assassination, or better yet absorbing a sword melee only to unleash a melee attack of your own or grenade your bewildered opponent. Loadouts can bring you duration of life, get you first to the power weapons to take an early lead, be your back-up stategy in Slayer when all of your Elite comrades turn camo to cease some cheap kills, or to get you to an unreachable sniper position where you pick off anybody in sight. The possibilities are endless with these loadout abilities [also to announce three not so powerful ones: Evade [Elites], Drop Shield[ combination of a regenerator and bubble shield], and Hologram[ A stream of fake yous proceeding in from to f you].As Far as the Loadout Abilities are concerned,

3. FireFight The Firefight multiplayer mode Bungie introduced in Halo 3: ODST is back in Halo: Reach, and it's looking to be even crazier (and more flexible) than its predecessor. At a special preview event at E3 2010, Microsoft and Bungie gave us a look at the new and improved Firefight. Here's what's new.

First off, you'll get the full matchmaking experience here, unlike in ODST. You'll be able to customize your matches to your heart's content – weapons, maps, game durations and enemy behavior will all be tweakable.

There are multiple game types this time around, too. Default is the most general of the lot. It's a one-set match that's designed to be shorter and more casual. Pop in, pop out, go eat a steak. Classic mode is just what you played in ODST. You know, because it's already classic. Generator Defense is also a mode in Firefight now (you remember this gametype from the Reach beta that ran last month), and a newcomer called Rocket Fight sounds like it could become a new favorite. This mode is just you, your buddies, armor abilities, and an infinite supply of rockets. Yeah, that just happened.

You'll also have some new weapons to play with. The Target Locator may not have a sexy name, but it makes up for that by destroying the hell out of things. Use it to paint targets, and you'll be rewarded by a bombardment by an orbiting fleet. Think Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War mixed with the world's scariest airstrike. And remember the Concussion Rifle from the latest campaign demo? It fires explosive plasma rounds, and it's in Firefight, too. Deadly combination. And you can stop wondering – the Fuel Rod gun is back in Halo: Reach (and in Firefight).

Our look at Firefight unveiled a brand-new armor ability called Drop Shield. This one's sort of a mix between the bubble shield and regenerator from Halo 3. Power it up, and it'll give you and your friends some space to chill and heal for a bit.

Just like the overall Reach multiplayer, Firefight will come with game-specific rewards and challenges, available on a weekly and daily basis. Meeting challenges will net you special armor permutations. And the only way to get them is by playing Firefight.

From what we're being told, Firefight in Reach will be far more customizable than ever before. For example, you'll be able to create your own skulls that can totally change the pace and feel of your Firefight matches. You can make up to three, altering the traits of your Spartans, armor abilities and waves. Want to bump your health up to 200% and boost weapon damage? Feel free (wimp). This is basically Firefight any way you want it.Bungie was also showing off two new maps, Waterfront and Beachhead, neither of which were in the Reach beta. This is all just the tip of the Firefight spear.

4.  New And Exiting Game-types: Finally, no more choosing whether you play ranked or social or whether you play Slayer and MLG or Squad Battle And Big Team Battle. Halo Reach Introduced :

Generator_Defense - A Twist of CTF One-Flag only you have two genrators to guard called Bravo and Charley. Your objective on offense is too clear destroy the generators when they are unlocked and kill the defending team so they don't stop you. On Defense, your objective is to defend these two generators and secure them by continuously  locking them  down [duration 30 seconds]  keeping enemies from destroying them. The objective switches every five minutes – for three rounds – so that each side can experience both the defensive and offensive roles.  The game-type features 3 vs 3 Spartans Vs. Elites.
Invasion -Players on either team must complete varying objects in what are called “Tiers”. As these tiered battles unlock new vehicles and loudouts will become available for each side. One of the objective types showed in the GameTrailers footage included the control of points, however, it is speculated that these objectives will change over the course of the game. When players die in Invasion they will spawn close to their “battle buddie” similar to the respawn system in Multiplayer Co-op.Very intense near the end when rewards for the offensive team get steeper [receive ghosts, rocket launchers, snipers, and banshees].
Headhunter- Headhunter is a brand new multiplayer mode being introduced in Halo_Reach. In this multiplayer mode players drop a “skull” upon death. The objective of this free for all mode is simple: collect skulls and return them to a pre-defined point on the map. The first player to cash in 10 points at once or a total of 25 skulls total wins the round. If a player dies while carrying multiple skulls they will drop them all for their adversaries to fight over.This game-type may be the true testament of your knowledge and skill in Halo Reach because of your need to defend yourself, kill others, and know the map.
• Stockpile: Stockpile is a variant of Capture the Flag that is being introduced by Bungie in Halo_Reach. Unlike Capture the Flag both teams do not have their own flags. Instead they will be racing to capture randomly spawning flags throughout the map and then successfully return them to their respective bases. Unlike traditional Capture the Flag, Stockpile requires players to fold the flag in the capture spot for sixty seconds. Even if an enemy player captures the flag, as long as they’re in the opposing capture spot the point will go to the opposing side. This game-type will prove to be all about knowledge, speed, experience, and wiles. 
  • Also returning are Slayer [classic] and CTF both one-flag and two-flag  respectively played on Swordbase a lot. 
5.The Ranking System: 
Whilst Halo 3 adopted a Trueskill ranking system that saw you level across all matchmaking playlist’s, allowing you to then further ascend an overall central rank, Halo: Reach is set to adopt a more RPG influenced level based system that will also incorporate progress from single player.
“Whatever your preferred flavour of Halo is, we’re gonna find a way to reward you,” said Luke Smith, Bungie “Player Investment” designer. “Whatever you enjoy doing in multiplayer, we’re gonna find a way to reward you. Through the Player Investment system, you’re going to be building an identity for the first time in a Halo game.”

Whilst Trueskill is still set to be implemented within Halo: Reach, the new Player Investment aspect now allows a more reflective account of the amount of time a player has dedicated to playing the title rather than being entirely dependent on their tea-bagging skills. Halo: Reach and not necessarily their skillset. As an example, someone may have spent a considerable amount of time playing the game and achieved a high Player Investment ranking, yet they could still not be an incredibly strong online player. This is where Trueskill will still be utilised to match them with opposing players that will match them against players best suited to them. If you aren’t a very good player, you’ll still find yourself against people that shoot ceilings, jump off the map and progressively run into walls at corners.
You’ll find that the Player Investment portion is entirely focussed by a credit system, or “cR” for short, which are awarded for simply playing Halo: Reach – which fans are sure to be doing in plentiful quantities. This involves either playing rounds within multiplayer, or by playing through the single-player campaign, and will be awarded depending on the actions of the player. As can be expected, actions will provide you with varying quantities of credits although Bungie is being incredibly careful to ensure that they don’t encourage players to perform things that would damage the overall game play experience. Whilst currently being continually balanced, players could be expected to perform five headshots in under a minute for example. Needless to say though, the credit system is vital to drive the Player Investment experience, both in increasing your Military Rank – which replaces Halo 3’s Ranking system – and to purchase new customisation items within the games “Armory.”
In direct comparison to Modern Warfare 2, wherein as a player levels up they unlock new abilities, new weapons and other features that fundamentally change the gameplay, it has become easily apparent that someone who is just booting the Multiplayer up for the first time isn’t able to fairly play against someone who has progressed to the highest rank. Bungie are being incredibly mindful of such issues with player inequality in Halo: Reach, which means that you can expect to find that credits are used to solely buy helmets, shoulder pads, chests and other accessories that allow you to create your own unique Spartan. Such changes are solely visual, and do not affect gameplay in any way.
“There are no in-game benefits to Spartan armor,” said Smith. “It would definitely make Halo something different than what Halo is.” Such a unique appearance will be utilised in both single-player and multiplayer portions of the game – your customized Spartan receiving a teabag to the face in multiplayer is exactly the same Spartan that you’ll be controlling whilst fighting the Covenant for control of Reach in the prequel’s storyline. It is clearly evident then that Bungie wanted the story of Halo: Reach to be more about your personal role in the battle, rather than simply placing you once again in control of Master Chief. Your customised Spartan is even included in the cut-scenes.
“When the cut-scene comes up in campaign, we want you to see you,” said Smith. “For instance, that trailer that we showed with the helmet and soldier picking it up, the Noble 6 trailer, that helmet is going to be your helmet. If you’re pink and adorned with unicorns, that’s how you’re going to look. With Reach, this is your story, this is your identity, this is your version of a story that we want you to be a part of.”

The title is also set to incorporate a new feature entitled “Challenges,” which are split into being either daily or weekly. These are set to be to extend the overall experience in providing short to medium-length goals, that are able to be accomplished either on your own or in groups – you can expect the difficulty curve to sharply rise with these in comparison to other aspects too.
During his conversation with G4TV, Smith continues “Some of [simpler daily challenges] are aggregate actions, like kill X dudes, help kill X dudes today. Sometimes those dudes we want you to kill are gonna be in multiplayer, [or] they’re going to be in another mode. Sometimes it’s going to say just kill anyone anywhere, we don’t care what you do, just kill people and we’ll reward you for that.”

The team are also implementing “Commendations,” which will allow you to gain more of an impression regarding a player from their user profile in terms of their play style. These have been described as persistent medals that will reflect player actions over an extended period of time. The game will essentially track what you spend the majority of time doing in-game, such as mainly using a sniper rifle, and will represent this through your Commendations. Eventually, through continual play time, this profile will evolve into a direct snapshot of how you play, and therefore show both friends and random opponents where you strengths lie. Whilst also earning these medals, you’ll of course be earning credits too.
Smith explains, “There are guys [who] just want to drive people around. We haven’t done a great job of reinforcing that kind of behavior in the past. I can look at your service record and see that you have a ton of assists and a ton of progress in your wheelman Commendation, so I know that you like to be a support player, you like to drive vehicles. That’s your preferred style. One of the things that we really want to do a better job with Reach is [highlighting] the guys out there who do like their Halo maybe differently than, for instance, I like mine. I like head shots, I like killing people with a sniper rifle, I like all that stuff. But there are guys that we’ve encountered along the way who just love to drive; they just want to drive people around. We haven’t really done a great job of reinforcing that kind of behavior in the past and the Commendation system is one way we’re doing that.”
Bungie hopes that the new Player Investment feature will allow for a more efficient, persistent player experience that extends over both a users’ single and multiplayer playtime. Whilst some may have been hoping for customisation above and beyond that of just the visual appearance of their Spartan, you won’t find that here.

6. The Weapons:
BR55 Battle Rifle [BMR]


Combat Shotgun

Designated Marksman Rifle

Energy Sword

Fuel Rod Gun

Gravity Hammer

7. The  Maps :

  1. boardwalk
  2. boneyard (beta map)
  3. countdown
  4. forgeworld(multiple nerdgasms)
  5. powerhouse(beta map)
  6. reflection
  7. spire
  8. swordbase (beta map)
  9. zealot
halo reach boneyard

halo reach maps overlook


Sword Base

halo reach powerhouse map tips




8.) Battle Rifle gets a Halo: CE treatment, 
welcome the DMR.

If your like me then there is nothing more frustrating than inconsistencies in a game that is supposedly takes skill. The Battle Rifle from Halo 2 / 3 has screwed me over with it’s terrible 3 shot burst system so many damn times I could puke. This time around Bungie went back to their roots and made the new DMR a single shot weapon. Though I am not a big fan of the visual bloom, it is a good trade for the Battle Rifle.

9. Forge:

If you ever had the patience to forge in Halo 3 my hat goes off to you. Halo 3 had a good building system but a lot of minor things made it very hard to enjoy map building. Halo Reach has polished version of the forge seen in Halo 3 and I know many people are going to have a blast with the new features, I know much of my time will be spent forging.

10.) No more dual wielding.
Ever since Halo 2, Bungie decided to test new “fun” ways to play Halo. In other words the game became noobified with Spay N’ Pray mechanics. Since then Halo has been severely broken and shameful when compared to Halo: Combat Evolved. Finally Bungie said, “Dude bro, we have got to fix this.” – Noobified version of what was said about Halo: Reach

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