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Top Loadout Abilities: Scout, Stalker, Airborne And Guard Which One Is The Best?

Halo Reach Load-outs

  • Camo
  • Stealthy
  • Great For elites [combo with speed, jumps, energy swords sword, and gravity hammer]
  • Drawback:Not Completely Invisible, people can still see you.
  • Opponent's radar [both] jam when you apply it

  • Invincible Shield 
  • Takes Precision, Timing, And Sexiness!
  • Guard
  • Great For When You're Being Attacked From Behind

  • Jetpack
  • Can Attack From Above 
  • Runaway
  • Pounce down on unsuspecting enemies
  • Great for CTF
  • Can See The Whole Map and Plan Your Next Move
  • Airborne
  • Keeps you on offense at all times

Scout: [Spartans Only]
  • 1st person to get to the weapons, camping positions, and Flag [if applicable]
  • Jump start on everyone else and good for an early lead in slayer
  • Great if used on offense with the sword, shotgun, gravity hammer, or other power weapon
  • Great for running away on defense
  • Great for Slayer because you'll limit your deaths by escaping if  when you're shield is down
  • Know the maps
  • Great For Objective Types to run down enemies[CTF] or escape from enemies [Oddball]

The Next Three load-outs I'm not going to recommend for use besides special ops or just for fun gaming because they can be countered by other load-outs, and are just plain weak 

    Evade- (Elites only) kind of a barrel roll movement so you can increase speed and duck out of action if needed.

    Drop Shield- You throw a bubble shield on the grounds that shields and heals players in it, but can be destroyed from explosions on the outside (like a deployable cover) and recharges very slowly.
    Drop Shield


     Hologram-You point a courser at a spot, then a hologram walks straight to it and stops moving, it also has a finite life span.

       In my opinion, Scout is the best load-out because it gives you the most versatility and maneuverability , if you're a Spartan. On the other hand, The Elite's best loadout is Stalker because they already have the speed, maneuverability, [rolling, jumping] and ability to recover shields at a descent rate. Combined with the energy sword, gravity hammer, or other power weapon. Stalker is an automatic kill in most situations. In fact, I found it really cheap that Elites can go around assassinating with swords and power weapons at will,  almost too formidable of a load-out. When I 1st played the Halo Reach beta,the whole elite team turned camo at the beginning at camped at the power weapons locations and assassinated us all! My 1st impression of the beta was, this is not Halo, it's a RPG!!Since, then I've learned that you can see the elites in camo and to use guard to  Now,  Guard is my second choice for either the Elite or spartan because it can be great for team objective when you're about to die[say when you have the flag or ball] or to rack up double kills and surprise enemies  by taking absorbing their shots. This can be great to turn the tide in your close encounters and can absorb any weapon, giving you the next free shot.Airborne, in my opinion, is a special tactics ability, only to be picked at spawn when a given flag carrier has escaped from view, or to get to good weapons way up high, or even to bring in reinforcements on a heavy battle scene.The time for a full time for regeneration of a load-out is approx. 15 seconds. So,in other words you can use your loadout at any given time, but it may last shorter than 15 seconds if it's not fully recharged. You can switch loadout abilities at spawn as well, making you think about the best time for each load-out.Here Are Some Situations of which to use each of them:

      Stalker: For elites at beginning of game to get the power weapons [or hide by them] and assassinate oncoming enemies. Also useful when chasing flag carriers when his teammates are guarding his back, sneak up and assassinate the carrier. For slayer when you're behind in kills. Just camp and wait for unsuspecting enemies to come by and rack up some kills. Great for capturing the flag and making unsuspecting enemies pay.Great for when facing campers because it jams their radars, allowing you to snoop the room in search for your kill.

      Drop Shield: Great for Team Slayer, and team objective games. Don't choose this as your start-out load-out but when you're teammates need help bringing the flag back , especially in one flag, this is a great ability to have to save your teammates from dying. It can really change the momentum of a slayer game if you all hide or camp in one area with someone having the drop shield ability and regenerating all of your health as you and your teammates begin to weaken in health.
      Guard: Great For slayer because the least deaths you have, the more you build upon your repertoire of weapons and minimize your death count. Great for objective game-types when you're getting the flag or object of intent possession.  Also useful when you're facing Elites to prepare for their melees and turn the game around.

      Scout: Ideal for when just starting the game when you can get the power weapons first and get to the best positions on the map. Ideal for objective capturing the flag or evading attackers. Apt for when you have a power weapon in possession [when there's a lot of power weapons on the map, the maps designed for close encounters and 4 vs 4 play I.E. Midship, Ivory Tower]When you need some cheap kills, as well.

      Here Are The loadouts Ranking For Me:
      1. Scout
      2. Guard
      3. Stalker
      4. Airborne
      1. Stalker
      2. Guard
      3. Drop Shield
      4. Airborne

      Here's An informative video telling exactly the advantages of each given loadout:

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