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Halo Reach: Paving The Way For A New Chapter In Gaming

The year is 2552. Humanity is locked in a war with the alien Covenant and it's up to Noble 6, a member of an elite super-soldier squad, to defend the human planet known as Reach.

The New Weapons In Halo Reach, as long as the new enemies, vehicles, and personnel, all are really innovative and cool-looking. The graphics in Reach are nothing short of amazing and there is a lot more detail and 3-d like scenery and personnel from what I've been able to see.  The huge difference between Halo 3 and Reach is that in Halo Reach you get to choose your load-out[starting attributes or power ups before you start the game. Not only does this mean you have to choose those attributes according to what map you're playing, but also brings in a need to communicate to  prepare the best strategy for the specific maps. Now, here's the official Bungie  Team explaining the coolest elements of Halo Reach. You can tell, this game is going to be tone of the best of all time. So, Why wait? I ordered mine already. If you wait then come September 14, you'll be trying to hide your jealousy when all of your friends have Reach, and your watching Sportscenter. The longer you wait, the more time you have to wait on the mailing list when they start shipping copies. Get Yours here, for the lowest price on the web, guaranteed!

Here Is a complete List Of The Weapons, Personnel, Vehicles, and Weapon Sounds:

As we all know Halo Reach Has dramatically Changed from Halo 3. Some might compare the look and vibe to Gears Of War. Now, I personally , despite all of the crying about the weapons/power-ups being powerful for example, the rocket launcher can practically blow up the whole room, you can get automatic grenade kills by chucking them around, Elites have the Camouflage  power-up combo with the energy sword or assassination that can kill you instantly out of nowhere, and the  power-ups can sometimes be impenetrable. all of this rigmarole is all BS!! I mean. Americans don't do aptly  with change[just look at the baby-boomers and their adjustment to cellphones, email ,and computers] and just because Bungie is revolutionizing the gaming industry and making it more tactical, less repetitive, and providing a more enigmatic, multifarious gameplay for gamers. This is like a whole new generation of Gaming starting with Call Of Duty Black Ops and Halo Reach and to continue with future multi-element  games. So, all of the nerds [myself being one] who can't stomach the thought of starting a new chapter in awesome gameplay with endless possibilities you are being so twentieth century. The more technical and thinking involved in a game the longer life, better experience, and more areas of expertise will develop. In Halo 3, everyone [Elites, Spartans] wasn't on a level playing ground, but in Halo Reach, the Elites And Spartans have their own respectable  unique techniques and abilities that make the game more epic and proportional. You have to give yourself time to adjust and consummate the controls and maps of Halo Reach Before you start blogging about the dramatic changes and how you can't handle such a complicated, bulky game. With time, we all of the controls, tendencies, weapon locations, and  best strategies will develop just like they did in the previous Halo Games. Well, Here's a professionally narrated piece about the huge differences between Halo 3 and Halo Reach:

For a complete overview of the essential elements of Halo Reach, watch this video:

Now, From my experience of the previous halo games, there has always been a lack of versatility and  elements but in Reach they redefined the whole game. Some might say that Halo Reach Is not Halo at all, this is due to a mesh of Bungle Developers from the combined team of Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3. This made a rush of ideas that have meshed somewhat coherently but people might disagree with this. Now, Halo Reach is not like the other Halo games it is completely different. You get to choose your starting power-ups and choose your game strategy. Halo Reach is introducing versatility and explosiveness like never before, it has taken regular elements of Halo and transformed them into the utmost extremes in some situations. Sprint, Elites can wield an energy sword and practically rampage around the map looking for victims.  Halo Gamers no longer can think in the same way while playing the game. The main wining component in Halo 3 was stealth and teamwork. Now, In Halo Reach the components are to the utmost extreme being ability to specialize in a certain area of combat or weapon, or ability to survive and think for yourself. The team dynamic has changed considerably to a larger increase of attention on what weapons and skills you can master. Halo Reach is trying to bring in a whole new crowd of gamers while still keeping the popular Halo plot. Yes, I do believe Halo Reach is completely different than the previous Halo Games as far as strategy and main components[no longer is the Battle Rifle, IE BMR the main weapon, but perhaps melee weapons, assault rifles, and sniper weapons.]. After three successful Halo Games Bungie has truly created a masterpiece that will commence a whole new era in gaming, outranking the PS3, because of the newly introduced versatility and attention all of the new elements are gathering. People who have never played halo can now start playing the game and be on level playing-field with the pros and exerts of Halo 3 IE Me].Here's a cool video showing you how much Halo Has really changed:

The only element of Halo Reach that seems controversial to me is the ability of the Elites to skip around the map with their rolls, evades, and camo

Halo Reach Maps are very different. Unlike in Halo 3, the maps are very more enclosed designed for melee and mid-range combat. Vehicles are specifically designed for use in only one map. Here are the Maps:


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