Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tribute To Halo 3 And A look Forward To Halo Reach

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Halo 3 was great but we all know that Halo Reach is going to be a lot better. To move on, as in a relationship, ,you need closure so her'es some closure to Halo 3.

    So What was awesome about Halo 3:

    • Halo 3 was explosive and cheap. The weapons such as the rocket launcher were overpowered and the sniper rifle and BR were head seekers. 
    • The graphics were shaky and our connections were always the reason why we were getting beat [damn overseas connection]
    • The tank and wraith dominated Sandtrap 
    • The heavy gametype that Halo 3 kept instilled for some time brought on a mirage of slaughter with vehicles and the master of the spartan laser.
    • We were introduced to alien weapons that were dominating over the Spartan weapons; IE the needler, spartan laser, and plasma grenade
    • The vehicles got cheaper as the weapons did
    • Once we mastered the game we enjoyed months of spawn killing noobs who just wouldn't try on the BR for size but preferred blatant assault
    • Trip mines repeatedly destroyed our killing sprees in vehicles and most often killed us or our own teammates
    • MLG gave birth to a whole new category of gamers "hardcore gamers"
    • There were two types of gamer "try-hards" and "pros"
    • non-stop bloodshed by team Bring and incessant spawn killing by organized teams
    • the art of owning your enemy after he dies
    • the stratagem of stealth and letting your enemy come to you A.K.A. Camping
    • the stratagem of ninja with the BR that reigned king in matchmaking and left nubs powned
    • the building of BTB clans
    • the creation of picking a team captain and choosing teams in custom games for hardcore gamers
    • BTB and MLG dominate instead of objective and slayer
    • The birth of the Xbox 360 slim and Elite
    • The birth of teammates who work for the other team
    • Double kills a common occurrence in matchmaking
    • a new league of "only head snipers"
    • Social players and ranked player
    • the reputation of the gamer deciding your skill not your performance [funny guy always gets in the party]
    • Dual wielding the nubs favorite stratagem
    • the sniper being reserved for one person only
    • people camping by their favorite weapon spawn
    • Warthog domination and reserved drivers of the warthog 
    • Faster more intense game play
    • a whole new following of Halo fans
    • Trash talking reserved for mostly nubs and  BTB rivals 
    • COD and Halo 3 only categories of gamers for the Xbox 360
    • Montages of a nub beating a better player
    • Montages showing awesome kills
    • More halo addiction
    • No more modding and a no nonsense gaming community
    • Communication and call-outs being a must in gaming
    I believe that we can take all of the things we've learned from Halo 3 and apply them to Halo Reach only with different elements. You still need to do teamwork, communication, and have a team strategy for each game. What has changed is EVERYTHING ELSE. So, with your last remittance of Halo 3 bring in a whole new game  and learn it aptly because this Halo you could be the king. the earlier jump you get on everyone the better shot you have to conquering Halo Reach. So, get a new Xbox Elite or Slim and stock up your fridge with diet coke because Reach is falling gin less than 20 days. Preorder your copy here and get twenty dollars in Amazon credit:

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