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Halo Reach Vehicles, Armor classifications,Enemies,And Strategy Overview

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So, What is the best weapon in Halo Reach? The BMR. The perfect weapon for the BR specialist of Halo 3,it shoots mid-range powerful, concentrated but steady rounds at it's opponent. Once again, like the BR in Halo 3, the BMR kills with four shots to the head. This is my personal favorite because you can use it at all distances and switch to a magnum or assault weapon in close battles. A perfect way to steal some kills from your teammates, am I right! Some people really gravitate to the magnum because of its ability to shoot fast and powerfully. With the magnum, you can really crank out the rounds, minus the cost of perfect aim, to take down your opponent.Much improved, it sure will be a great starter/common weapon to use. And of course, for you sharp-shooters, the sniper rifle reigns king again. Yes, the sniper rifle will be especially a go-to-weapon because of all of the extra shields and health in Halo Reach. However, in contrast to other weapons, the sniper rifle kills in two [or one for a head-shot] shots despite the added health in Halo Reach. Now, for the Covenant weapons. The top three will be the needler, Needler rifle, and plasma launcher. The needler has always and will remain a nub favorite, even despite it's revisions to make it more of a precision weapon. The Needler rifle is going to be a sniper's favorite because of it's ability to embed projectiles that blow up moments later. This is a replacement for the carbine only more deadly and has a longer range.As for the plasma launcher, it's the most fun I've had all year! This beast of a weapon locks four plasma projectiles to it's enemy and blows up everything in the area, decimating your opponents.This is by far my favorite weapon but it is a pretty rare find on most maps.As for the rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and energy sword sure there still vintage but these new weapons surpass the power and ability of the old school weapons.

Here's a video overview of all the new and exciting weapons:

Now, in Halo Reach everything [just about] you do earns you credit. Wins, campaign play, achievements and experience landmarks , and head-shot/kill milestones[ex. 100, 500, 1000, 5000 head-shots] will all earn you credits which accumulate through campaign and online play determine your rank. Yep, that's right. The linear old system of experience points is a thing of the past and two many factors go in to determining your rank now. In essence, the more wins and achievements you
gain in campaign and online play the better your rank becomes. With the growing credits, which determine your rank, you can buy better, sleeker, cooler, and more advanced armor, and not just sets of armor, but piece by piece.

Of course, if you want to get the best armor the way God didn't intend you to do, buy spending more money for the Halo Reach legendary edition which exclusively includes recon armor and other permutation armor or by pre-ordering at Gamestop where you are guaranteed one of the best permutation armor sets then that's your choice. Frankly, I can understand why Gamestop and the Halo Reach Legendary edition grant immediate access to the best armor, that you can otherwise unlock by gaining more credits [lots]. Of course, it's because Bungie wants to make the most money out of their last production with Halo and want to rake in the most profit possible, by all the while destroying any complaints about now knowing how to unlock recon. We all can recall on Xbox live kids questioning incessantly , "how do you unlock recon?" Only to be answered by some a**hole who tells them , "if you drive your warthog over the cliff you unlock recon!" Yes, we all wanted recon and our way of getting painlessly [besides your wallet] and immediately is to dish out the $150.00  for the Halo Reach Legendary Edition which contains the Recon armor with it. As for me and other struggling college students, I'll lean toward the natural way of earning the credits through campaign/online wins and achievements.Enough with recon, back to the customizable  armor. The Spartan Armor, from the current perspective, holds the greatest versatility and overall class to their armor customizations, granted that it contains recon.where Covenant armor doesn't. So, here's your chance, order your Halo Reach copy with recon, or simply pre-order from Game-stop and receive the recon and or the permutation armor. Go Here, to the Microsoft Store:

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