Monday, August 16, 2010

Halo Reach Armory, Achievements, And Weapons Update

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Halo Reach Recon Armor [Legendary Edition]

What's Cool about Halo Reach? Everything, let's be realistic. The Elite aren't prehistoric dinosaurs, like in Halo 3, The shotgun shooting  cursor is red [meaning lethal!], The Load-outs come with certain equipped starting weapons to breed specialists in each field of combat , thus creating a more diverse game, There's a shooting designator instead of a blinky cursor, like in Halo 3, the array of ways to earn credits for upgrading your armor is amicable: Legacy, by completing achievements, and leveling up and wining games, the maps are much more easy to find powerful weapons on and present variety unlike any other in Halo 3, The weapons are completely different in both their design and power, and the campaign looks epic to see the least with the cool storyline of the Covenant making their invasion of planet Reach, the last planet before Planet Earth. The only thing that could use some tweaking, given that Bungie will see this in the beta and fix the problem before the Halo Reach Release on September 14, 2010.

    The hype surrounding the preceding  game- changing legacy of Halo Reach has gotten me wondering, Is Halo Reach going to live up to it's Hype? Well, from the looks of the beta I think that there's no way that Bungie could've designed a more, explosive, exciting, strategic, fair, and versatile game. Halo Reach is , what you say "gamer friendly" in all ways. There are ways to succeed at Reach when you're just starting the game and ways to consummate each loadout ability or weapon, taking a  page out of the main components of a RPG game. I can confidently say that Halo Reach is going to revolutionize gaming in a way that none other has done before. Halo Reach is going to make game designers put more versatility and a RPG like credit systems in their 1st person shooter games instead of boring, repetitive experience-based ranking systems. Adding that Halo Reach will be the best game, as far as the xbox 360 is concerned, of the next five years. With the thought of that, I really hope that Bungie makes another Halo. I know because of  the completely redesigned Halo Reach that Halo won't go away for at least another decade and when Halo Reach finally gets old then all I can do is [pray that the best gaming series, Halo, is kept alive by developing another Halo game or an enticing spin-off.Halo Fans rejoice, because there's a new chief in town and it's Halo Reach. No more Call of duty domination or PS3 is better than Xbox. Halo Reach has forever changed the game so either upgrade or stay with the boring repetitive nature of COD and some PS3 top-Sellers.It's not all about graphics, although may I say that Halo Reach has great quality specs, it's also quality and enjoyment every time you come home tired to indulge in a sniper rifle, Grenade launcher, DMR, or any of the other awesome weapons that Halo Reach holds. Anyways, the game is changing, so upgrade while copies are still in stock. By ordering form Amazon below, you also receive $20.00 Extra credit for a future purchase on

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